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A mild comedy love story that isn't the porn movie that it seems to be., 24 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this movie to be very good and dealt with the subject of Adult Entertainment in a way that did not over sexualize the movie or that it would cross the boundary of porn. While LeeLee Sobieski did a good job carrying this film, I personally had a little difficulty with her filling this role following and often reflecting back to the job that she did in Joan of Arc; And I can't myself seem to move beyond how different these two roles are from one another. Yet I recall her bit part in Eyes Wide Shut and seem to understand her versatility while she seeks to define and identify the type of actress that she wants to be remembered for, I truly hope that she and her fans choose not to define her by roles such as her two films Eyes Wide Shut and Finding Bliss which may stereotype her as a women of poor choices. although I must acknowledge that she may have taken the role in Eyes Wide Shut just to work with the Stanley Kubrick.

All the actors in this film were well fitted to their roles, Although I felt that the script and some of the dialog seemed to have holes that could have been filled better. And there were scenes that maybe could have been left out all together.. such as the basket of sex toys.

Overall I would recommend this film to others with the stern warning and promise that while it was breaching a subject that many may find undesirable and often using language that may be broad in its descriptions as a way to bring reality to the story, This movie was done with as much taste as it could be given and still point out some of the realities of the Adult Entertainment industry. and potential viewers should give it a chance, and I don't think many of its viewers will consider it to be a waste of time. In ending I would instruct the potential viewers not to fear it being an Ed Wood movie, but don't expect a Steven Spielberg movie either.