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"Revenge" (2011)
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Excellent story, even if you don't love drama, 19 November 2011

I generally tend to shy away from drama shows, the petty bickering, gossip, and backstabbing holds very little appeal to me. Revenge however caught my attention. A friend suggested it and I figured why not watch one episode. I now find myself looking forward to the next episode and the insights it will bring. Though the premise itself is not all that unique, the characters are excellently portrayed. The main character is an excellent blend of enough light that you root for her, but there is a distinct darkness that dwells within the her. I fear however, that this show is distinctly limited and cannot last. Overall an excellent show, though it's not a light show so don't watch it as a pick-me-up!

"Chuck" (2007)
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My favorite show!, 19 November 2011

OK, so I'm not gonna claim that it has the deepest characters or story line, but I started watching Chuck 2 years ago and it's been my favorite since the first episode! Chuck is probably the most lovable character I've seen on any TV show, Morgan's the awesome oddball, and let's face it, Sarah is a really attractive women! In addition, there is a wonderful support cast including the hilarious (although sometimes concerning) BuyMore employees. Chuck provides lovable characters, hilarious scenarios, and a more than entertaining plot. Not only do you come away from every episode craving the next, but you are left with a small feeling of joy.