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Shutter (2004/II)
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Big Treat for Adrenalin Junkie . ., 16 March 2005

Shutter starts with using the ghost appearance phenomena on photograph as the main theme, but as far as the movie goes, it reveals the plot regarding to long-lost love and bitter past life of the main character. i didn't expect too much from Shutter cause i thought it'd be another regular horror movie. (and it's from Thailand, which has produced some bad quality movie of this genre) At the end, i liked it. OK, it contains Asian-horror cliché, but the plot, the story and the puzzle are well-connected. not to mentioned the shocking sound effects and the superb conclusion. it's a big treat for Asian horror fans. very recommended (8/10)

Ong-bak (2003)
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Superb Fighting Choreography !, 10 February 2004

This movie offers average storyline and plot. but it well covered by the Best Fighting Scenes i've ever seen in a movie. The Fight is Real, the Aerial Scene done without Slingwire or any effects. Phanom Yeerum (Ting) really could fight, although his look isn't as great as the moves. Very Recommended !