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Kill List (2011)
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Too many plants, no payoffs. Oh and the ending sucks., 5 January 2012

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This is not so much a review as a rant so sorry in advance but I really have to vent. Its amazing that I even made it half an hour into this film. The opening act was so dull and pointless that my face was paralysed in an expression of WTF?, mouth open and eyes rolled and I was worried I'd be stuck like that forever.

What occurred in the first half an hour easily could have been achieved in a third of that time,which would have given the filmmakers enough time to tie up all the loose ends that would soon follow. The first was some pointless character scrawling a hex on Jay's bathroom mirror. This was never explained or elaborated upon and the character whose name escapes me because she was completely insignificant appears two or three times again in the movie for 2 seconds, and no reason.

Next, some old fart cuts his and Jay's hand presumingly to spread some kind of infection and says "this is necessary". In a world where the audience is shown later on the reason for such knife play, I agree, it would be necessary. But we aren't shown, so it isn't.

Finally, why does every one Jay kills say "thankyou" when he kills them? It suggests he is some chosen angel of death and it is a privilege to be shot in the head or beaten with a hammer.

Did I miss everything in this movie? Was the opening so boring that my fragile little mind shut off and I missed the story? Can anyone enlighten me as to what the hell this movie was even about? I feel stupider having watched it. And the end sucked. It was predictable from the very start of the scene and not nearly as shocking as everyone would have you believe as the characters were not likable and didn't share that great a connection. Rant over. Thanks.