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Shows that I have loved at one time or another, and some of which I still do. No real order.
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Comic Book Movies and Super-Hero Movies.
In order from Mind Blowing all the way to Why Is This Even A Movie.
These are just the ones I have seen.
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Other Great Bruce Willis Movies...
Last Man Standing
Tears of the Sun
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These are my 10 favorite sci-fi TV shows and their spin-offs and movies.
1. Firefly
2. Battlestar Galactica(2004)
3. Star Trek(1966)
3. Farscape
4. Babylon 5
5. The X-files
6. Twilight Zone(1959)
7. Futurama
9. Star Trek: The Next Generation
10. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
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I am not yet finished.
When I am finished there will be a list of 25 to 50 shows of the best Sci-Fi has to offer, and you the fans can vote for your favorites (your 5 favorites).
Vote Ex.-
1. Firefly (5 points)
2. Battlestar Galactica 2004 (4 points)
3. Star trek 1966 (3 points)
4. Farscape (2 points)
5. Babyon 5 (1 point)

And as I just found out, it's not going to be easy!
At the end of every month; the votes will be added, the list will be updated, and a winner there will be!

Before the voting can begin I need your help!
What shows do you feel belong on this list!
comment below, help start this list, so the voting can commence!
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I will state how they have each earned their spots on this list.
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The Best Movies and TV shows about The Ancient World, meaning up until The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire during the 5th Century.
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All that is the Best of Bruce Lee
1-6 His Martial Arts Cinema
7 His Only Other American Film
8-10 The Best of His American TV Roles
11-15 The Best of His Child Star Films
16-17 Old Interviews
18-24 The Best of His Documentaries
25-26 The Best Films About Him
27-29 The Best of His Son, Brandon Lee's Films
30 His Daughter, Shannon Lee's Best Film
31-35 The Best Films with Ties to Bruce Lee
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Other great Jet Li Movies...
My Father Is A Hero aka The Enforcer
Shaolin Temple 2: Kids from Shaolin
Black Mask
Dr. Wai in the Scriptures with No Words
Hitman aka Contract Killer
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Quentin Tarantino's Written Works
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Between his music and his movies, what's not to love!
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not even close to finished
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Other great Jackie Chan Movies...
The Fearless Hyena
Police Story 4: First Strike aka Jackie Chan's First Strike
City Hunter
Heart of Dragon
Who Am I? aka Jackie Chan's Who Am I?
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When it comes to the Broadway musicals on this list, one has to see them on Broadway live and in person. Although the Hollywood version maybe great the Broadway show is always better. It's a bit like a movie based on a novel.

This is why I have placed
The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall
Les Miserables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary
on this list, Which are the real live Broadway shows on DVD.

I would like to noted that the Broadway show Wicked is not on IMDB and that is the only reason it is not on this list.

Although I do believe Wicked the Broadway show with the original cast from 2003 is on DVD. I believe the same can be said for the Broadway show's RENT, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
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still in work
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not done yet, every man on this list is the real deal