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Avalon (2011)
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Completely unconnected with lots of loose ends, 12 August 2012

I had high expectations of this movie since it has gotten great reviews but it made me completely disappointed.

The characters are unconnected and we don't get much answers on who the characters are and why they are doing what they do.

It is just a bunch of situations with no connection, like a drama version of Family Guy.

The movie doesn't have any real plot and it feels unfinished.

The actors are OK but after seeing this movie I just thought: What was that?

Can't recommend it to anyone

Excellent movie about the difficulties a male teenager face., 9 August 2005

This is a really great movie. It has a wonderful soundtrack and the whole movie feels real. You understand Matthew as he struggles to become "cool". The director greatly succeeds in describing how Matt feels and reacts on different things. The actors feels very real as they speak a lot with there mime expressions. This is not a regular American Pie movie, it is a lot more realistic and not just happy movie. Much because of how the director works with the mime expressions, camera angles and soundtrack. I also recommend everyone to watch the movie with director commentaries on. It never becomes boring and it takes the movie to a whole new level with many small things you might not noticed.