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The best English / foreign language movies I have come across ... An ever-growing list :-)

The main reason behind this list is to be able to recollect and watch again , all the great movies we have ever seen ... B'coz with a cool movie comin every other week its pretty difficult to remember them all!!

Dont you agree? :)
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have just started this list (24/6/12)
the list is ever growing... do feel free to suggest :-)

I am making this list so that one fine day when we wanna see a nice Bollywood movie we can scroll through this list and pick one... after all we tend to forget several good ones when we try to recollect...

Check out the English list too -- u wont be disappointed...
:-) ===>
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There are movies at the end of which you get a movie orgasm!! ;-) Well here are some which gave me one!
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Here arre some TV series I ve seen and I guarantee u will love watching them ... :-) Enjoy!!