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Considering the Budget and Talent- One of the Worst Movies Ever, 19 May 2006

I haven't read the book. I am neutral towards religion. The DaVinci Code is the Worst Movie I have seen this year. I never felt at any point in the story that I cared for these characters. That I wanted them to find the "Holy Grail." I felt no suspense or thrill in this movie. I felt more interested in "DaVinci Decoded" on the History channel than this POS. When something is this awful, all i can say is Ron Howard, learn your craft please. MI-III was not the best script, but the movie was amazing technically and Tom Cruise's performance was top notch. Ron Howard, please pay attention, this is not 1970's- learn some new things please. Learn how to use the green screen, or to move the camera. Please god, someone teach this man some craft. Technology and Film-making has evolved, please learn. I feel so awful right now after watching this movie. Where the f**k is the suspense and the thrill of the movie. I haven't seen RV, but thats probably got more excitement than this piece of junk.

Pretty (2005)
Incredible Performances, 9 May 2006

Pretty is the story of a disturbed woman who plans a whole twist of events around her sexually inactive husband and her new lesbian lover. The best part about this movie is an incredible performance by Guenia Lemos. I watch this movie over and over again, and she is super believable every time. Before this movie went into production, I went over the script with the director over and over again and the dialogue, even though it was incredibly well written, had to be delivered with utmost believability for it to work. Guenia, Jennifer and Don, brought the dialogue to life. You can see it all in their performances. Good going Emon.

Halo (2001) (VG)
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Damn Covenant Banshees, 8 May 2004

Story Mode- As Master Chief (Spartan/Cyborg) you kick some serious ass. The best aspect of the game is it's cinematic appeal. Everything is downright gorgeous from the Halo ring always sticking around in the background to a plasma grenade exploding right in your face. You get into the game with non-stop action and incredible music never repeated twice thoroughout the game. In the end, Several alien races, a parasite-like lifeform, an ancient AI construct, battle against each other as you try to get the hell out of Halo. Will yo make it? Multiplayer Mode- The perfect game physics and the incredible engine that the Xbox has allows you to experience realistic combat to the max. You are going to love this. Also, check out

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Probably the funniest horror movie ever, 30 March 2004

This cult classic is a must see. It is so ridiculously funny while consistently following the footsteps of the horror genre.

Sam Raimi definitely has something going here with an excellent performance by Bruce Campbell. I love the incredible POV shots done in this film. The shot design of the film is just so awesome. This is definitely a must see for all film students and also ppl who are interested in sound design because sound is the key factor that makes this film work so well. This film is a treasure of American Cinema.

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Getting away from Bollywood, Staying away from Hollywood, 26 March 2004

Dil Chahata Hai is a wonderfully crafted film with an exceptional work in cinematography by Ravi Chandran. I can't think of one moment in the film in which I was dissatisfied with the framing and the pixelation. Also, I must call special attention to the song "Tanhayee." It is wonderfully filmed. Kudos to Chandran's craft. Dil Chahata Hai also has an incredible storyline of interweaving 3 different storylines into one big picture of life in progression. This films gets you away from Bollywood because it is not focussing on some stupid love story. This film is not quite Hollywood because it has some principles of independent films going on within itself. Although, love is not the strongest thought expressed in the film, it is definitely the motivation of the story's progression, or else the film would have ended at the intermission. Also, the story of Sid is kept on the sidelines, while in the true essence of the film, that is the story which is the most honest and strongest one. The film's sound design is incredible. It is probably the only film in Indian Cinema with SyncSound in it. Also, Ehsaan, Loy, and Shankar's music is always a strong underscoring factor that triggers a heightening of emotions at the exact appropriate times. The soundtrack is definitely worth buying thanks to this somewhat renaissance music in Indian Cinema by the trio. Aamir Khan's work is exceptional. Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna have reinvented themselves in this film which is totally worth watching. Although, a little old to play their parts, I let out a suspension of disbelief because the film is just so much fun!

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Not worth it, 23 March 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Raj Kapoor has done better works before. Honestly, this movie is too long and too slow, with really bad cinematography and shaky cameras. The cinematography towards then end gets better however. Good concept, badly written and directed. I thought I was going to like it because my family and friends told me so, but honestly, it sucked big time. Too melodramatic- more mellow than dramatic. Two songs- "Jeena yahan, Marna Yahan," and "Jaane Kahan gaye Woh din" are really good. I guess that's the only attractive part of the film. There's an unattractive naked woman in the film too. God, I wish I could get the 3 hours of my life back.

The Heir of Coppola- A Hair of Coppola, 27 February 2004

Lost in Translation doesn't deserve to be on the nominees list of the Academy Awards. It is not a bad movie- but it is not a great movie or good movie either. It is a "watchable" movie when you want to kill time.

The writing and direction of the movie sucks big time. Sophia is just carrying the Coppola name, not the Coppola talent (I might be misspelling Coppola). This beautiful city of Tokyo, captured on film so miserably. Most people could do better with a camcorder. Bill Murray, is Bill Murray in the movie- which sucks because I had read somewhere along the lines of "Bill Murray gives an excellent performance." I'm sure he can play Bill Murray the best, nothing excellent about it. Nothing happens in the movie- two strangers in a strange town have a good time after finding each other- oooo...k- Not much of an original story Ms. Coppola. I also saw the documentary on the DVD of the movie. It shows how the movie was filmed- sometimes without permits- Film students in NYC get better footage without permits than this professional crew of LIT. Most of the film was done in a set "because of the noise" in Tokyo. I don't know, but if you are in an exotic towns- you need some exotic balls to capture the action on location. If they wanted to shoot on a set, why didn't they just shoot here in the U.S. and stop taking money away from American filmmakers. Sophia has pretty much portrayed japanese people as incredibly stupid as hell. Excuse me Ms. Sophia, but just cuz you can't understand the people doesn't mean that they are ridiculously unaware of what's going on.

The only thing great about the movie is how the movie sounds. Kudos to the sound engineer. If this movie wins an academy award in any category besides sound, I'd lose faith in the Academy. Peace out all.

Pinjar (2003)
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Scars on Sands, 19 January 2004

Pinjar is way more evolved than most bollywood nuisance. Dwivedi has done an incredible job in recreating pre-partition punjab and establishing the characters. I was very satisfied with the whole experience and I would recommend it to all people who want truly dramatic entertainment.

What I did not like about the movie was the close-ups. Dwivedi did a great job in recreating pre-partition punjab, but I felt cheated in those loooong close up shots where all the richness of background was lost to out-of-focus. Also, most of the film was done in horizontal camerawork. I would have liked to see more dynamic camera motion. It is a great work by Dwivedi. It is also waaaaaaaay better than most bollywood nuisance (NOTE to Bollywood producers: Stop producing Crap! We need a Bollywood revolution).

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The Plot Thickens, 2 January 2004

Kudos to Bryan Singer for this masterpiece in American Cinema. Much of the movie's excellence is also the result of a great plot. Benecio Del Toro's performance is incredible. Kevin Spacey's performance is precious. This movie is 'The Movie' for getting the neural connections of your brain trying to figure out who the hell Keyser Soze is.