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natural, unscripted, beautifully done - a must see to understand the triumph of the spirit, 30 October 2012

Anyone who sees this movie, MUST see "A Film Unfinished." Without a doubt for those that cannot comprehend what these people went through, this film will explain it all. My in-laws were victims of the Holocaust and my Mother in-law who came from Warsaw but was kidnapped by Russians never actually knew what happened to her family. Watch and process "A Film Unfinished" and you will be educated as to what happened to those who were in the Warsaw Ghetto. Some were gassed, some were apart of the Sondokomnados. This group of survivors went through hell and this excellent film displays a spirit you won't see in many places.

I was taken with the camaraderie and sincere caring for one another. The fact they were able to connect and make a family amongst a group who had lost all members of their respective families and laugh and smile and have fun is part of the fun of this incredible group of people

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Boring, Big Disappointment, 13 February 2008

I recall years back, Michael Douglas wanted his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, to be in a romantic film because he felt his wife had all the goods. No doubt she does, but NOT in this film. A colossal waste of time, no story, no character development, no chemistry, nada. This was not the vehicle that we all hoped this film would be, boring and a HUGE disappointment. Didn't even watch the whole film, torture. Catherine Zeta-Jones was obviously trained in how to work a kitchen, move around, present a dish but this wasn't the food network, nothing learned here and once her counterpart appeared, supposedly a romantic interest brewing, where was the chemistry. The poor slob on the second floor of her building trying all the ploys to connect and no character development there. The loss of her sister was poorly played out as who knew there was a closeness. The sister's daughter just was plopped here and there with something that was supposed to draw you in, NOT. Just a waste of movie time. The promoters certainly did their job to put this lack-luster film on all the networks tempting you with all kinds of teasers. Sorry to say, don't spend a dime.

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Great fun, sexy, lots of hidden laughs, wonderful dialogue. A real hoot of a picture, 9 January 2008

Johnny Depp is extraordinary. Too me, he is not sexy, not a beautiful man, but it just goes to show you that with attitude, an idea, you can seduce all women. Marlon Brando pulls it all out and of course shocking is an understatement about the hugeness of what was once a perfect man, but he is THE "best." The dialogue is cute, hilarious. Pay attention and you'll have many great laughs, moments and precious memories of another terrific Francis Ford Coppola creation. There are awesome scenes with Fay Dunaway and Marlon. I'd wager they liked one another. The chemistry is real. A keeper. A sophisticated adult comedy. I LOVED this film.

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A true confection, wonderful treat, 6 June 2007

On the recommendation of my brother, I bought this DVD and I play this almost everyday. Over time I suppose enough will be enough but this unusual production is extraordinary. Yes, as another person wrote "imagination". Brian Stokes Mitchell commands the stage and even though the cast is fabulous, Reba McIntire perfect, Alec Baldwin amazing, Mr. Mitchell has this voice that you wonder "How Do You Do that!!" Such a voice, a presence, a gem of a performer. The actress who plays in this production the character of Bloody Mary is wonderful. It would be foolish not to catch this interpretation if you are a lover of all things creative. Great sound, the orchestra wonderful and let's be real, CARNEGIE HALL!!

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The Day After Watching the Night of The Following Day, 6 May 2007

To call this movie "bad" is to pay it a compliment. There are superlatives, however: the worst musical score ever…worst-ever wig for Marlon (runner-up: Rita Moreno)…worst-ever ill-conceived kidnap plot and the list goes on. It's fortunate that this was not Marlon Brando's first role because it might have short-circuited an otherwise brilliant career.This movie was not a dream, but a nightmare. The only redeeming feature for me was that it was a free movie available on the Comcast cable network.

The picture was so "European" that you get a greater appreciation of the abilities of the boys in Hollywood.

This is a very short review, but it's more than the movie deserves.

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Best Court Room Movie EVER, 10 April 2007

As always, Paul Newman makes acting look so easy. All his gestures, how he tells that cute joke in the bar, how he moves, speaks, well, you know, he just is the master. But if you want to enjoy Jack Warden who brings it all on, or Milo O'Shea, another veteran, and of course James Mason, his pauses, his mannerisms, don't miss this gem. The script, tight, seamless. Terrific film and I won't give any of it away. I own this film and as far as I am concerned, this is one fine movie to have in your collection.

There are many quotable quotes: "I don't think I am talking out of school . . ." The scene picking the jury with Jack Warden in the background. The camaraderie between these two is something that you want to believe they took home off the set. Newman: "you want me to go wee wee wee all the way home."

Useless, 5 January 2007

I suppose I am old fashioned but I thought this was a bad vehicle for Aniston and what for? A depressing slice of life and what the heck do you learn from such a script. Is there something in there that is poignant and we should care. Yikes. I am impressed that so many viewers loved this film but maybe I need to check myself out for not appreciating what others appear to regard as an over-looked piece of film. Jennifer is talented and I don't see her going anywhere in her track of very poor choices. Why is that?

She is a cutey patootie and belongs on the small screen and if she goes back to what made her great, then she'll go a very long distance. This film will not be a down the road keeper or mentioned for its script or cinematography. These actors needed paychecks.

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Icky Yucky, 25 December 2006

If you are going for erotic, rent Barbara Broadcast, that is at least honest about what's going on. This movie is repulsive and Mickey Rourke, who does a great job playing who he is, tends to be typecast as a slimy oversexed punk, dirty too. Why does he always look so dirty. Well, this movie is a turnoff in my estimation, but if you like kinky, then this is the full Monty. Sorry to see Jacqueline Bisset in this film, looks so ridiculous dancing. After her stint in The Greek Tycoon, looking classy, stunning and what a wonderful fight scene with Anthony Quinn, this should have been a waste of her time but then again, she probably needed a paycheck.

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Big Fat Zero, 20 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Dog being swallowed up by a shark was enough to give this film a big fat zero. You don't do that ever in any movie. Good grief! So Rock Hudson plays himself, a stiff, and Cyd Charise has a difficult time not being gorgeous. So if you want to watch good old Rock play a stiff and show no acting chops, then take this film in for nothing more than to look at pretty people and see a lovely sweet dog go for drink and be drunk. The story line is lame by today or yesteryear's standards. I can't figure out why this film was made in the first place. A bomb for sure. Did this film make money? I wonder but the actors were paid and I am sure they were embarrassed just to watch themselves. Yikes to this waste of time.

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Are you kidding, 18 December 2006

What a HOT movie. Lord, how could this gem be overlooked. When, for the first time, Kim is wearing that red dress and Kirk looks at her with his Kirk Douglas eyes, are you kidding? OMG. What a film.

This is a treasure and yes, other than the scene with Jean Simmons in Spartacus, this reigns supreme.

Ernie Kovacs is wonderful, simply a joy to watch. Walter Mattheau plays the slime to the 10's. The cast is stunning. Barbara Rush is always beautiful and hard to imagine that a man would be bored with a wife like her but that makes a story. Men, what can I say. But it's a fantasy to imagine meeting your love match dropping your child off at school. Watch out. Loved this film and just had a copy delivered.

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