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very nice indeed, 7 June 2013

The is only my second review on IMDb but I feel it's important to offset the unduly negative reviews here. I read the reviews beforehand and was put off watching but was actually amazed at how good the film actually is. The film is superior in every way to Open Water, which is also a very good film. I feel a bit for the directors, having made such an obviously great horror film, only to not have it recognised as such. The main actor is extremely good at her job. I have seen virtually every 'woman in peril' movie but the fear experienced by her character is utterly palpable and convincing. The fear of having killer strangers in your house is done better in this film than ANY OTHER film I have watched. Far from the 'real time' aspect not working, it actually works brilliantly and is done extremely well.

PS. and no, I'm nothing to do with cast or makers of this film!! I just like watching good horror films and this is without a doubt a very good horror film.

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absolutely superb film, 6 March 2012

This is an outstanding horror film, so reminiscent of Wolf Creek that it's clearly inspired by that film. The amazing thing is that in its own way it is as impressive as Wolf Creek, including a bad guy who is even better written & acted and, incredibly, even creepier.

Gory and relentlessly grim, this is a wonderful fix for those who understand and appreciate great torture porn. This is a game of cat & mouse played out in the tunnels under Berlin, full of twists and turns and, most importantly, at no time predictable or formulaic. Over time, just like Wolf Creek, this will become acknowledged as a classic of the genre.

Everything about this film oozes class, up to and including the delightful ending. If you're a genuine horror fan, watch it NOW.

Mum & Dad (2008)
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outstanding British horror, 13 November 2011

I've watched countless horror films and this is one of the very best.

I agree with a previous reviewer that the Americans are generally better at making these sorts of films, but this particular film proves beyond doubt that the best British efforts are at least as good as anything the Yanks can do.

If this really was made on a budget of £100k it just goes to show how much bang for your buck you can get with the right writer/director and cast. The whole feel of the film is effortlessly authentic. The cast is superb throughout and the dialogue completely natural and believable.

The director deserves credit for putting some very brave moments on camera, moments that even in today's battle hardened torture porn times elevate this movie to the sublime.

Far from being in any way inferior to an American production, this is in fact near perfect execution of modern horror storytelling.