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well I can't say it is the worst movie I saw, but that's because I didn't finish but 12 minutes of it, 28 February 2009

I have seen Meet the Spartans and some other movies that actually made me depressed for having wasted so many minutes of my life, but I have grown smarter now that I'm older and fast forward to the nudity if it doesn't look like a promising movie. Well fast-forwarded all the way through and NO NUDITY so I'm just like sod this, especially after I saw the low rating it already received on IMDb. From the first five minutes you can tell this was a low-budget film with bad directing thus bad acting. No nudity, no violence, no redeeming qualities except the fact that this is one more movie that I have rated on IMDb and I did borrow this for free from the local library. But you couldn't pay me $10 to sit and watch the whole thing through, or even $20.

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historically touching without the over-sentiment, 22 December 2008

Seen this movie when I was younger, and didn't appreciate it as much as I did with a second-viewing, maybe because I'm older and understand some more of the concepts of having dignity with injustice.

Even though the movie is a made for TV HBO movie, it has some high-quality actors like Don Cheadle and Mekhi Pheifer with solid performances that isn't overly sentimental or preachy about the morals of right and wrong and injustice of the 1940s segregated South. Instead, it's a heart-touching look at how a person can live righteously even in the face of injustice.

And kudos to the filmmakers as the scenery and even down to the accents seemed historically accurate. I felt like I wasn't watching a made for TV movie at all, well it was a HBO movie so that just shows you the high-quality that was put into it as in many HBO movies. A true must see for people that like historical movies, especially one with messages that overly preachy.

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my first and only IMDb commentary, GREAT MOVIE FOR ALL!!!, 26 June 2005

Being bored and in Atlanta, Georgia for a conference, I decided to go see Batman Begins as I had free time and wanted to see what the hype was all about. I wasn't expecting much out of a movie being based off of a comic book, ie Fantastic Four, Spiderman to some extent, and the PG-13 rating made me scared that I was going to go see a movie marketed towards kids with childish themes.

What I got was a dark experience on the little known background of Bruce Wayne and Batman, full of action, emotion that wasn't over the top but extremely believable, and balanced philosophical outlook on justice and morality. This is definitely a movie for those who want to delve deep into morality and justice, but is full of action and suspense and dry humour to keep the ordinary fan edged to their seats. The CGI was awesome but the acting was even better (albeit I think they should have picked another girl in Katie Holmes place, say a little larger Asian girl instead? to make the movie seem more realistic, as all the actors were pretty and polished.) A must see for all. Kids, adults, cynics, thrill-seekers, Batman Begins provides enough for all type of movie-goers. We all grew up watching Batman but few know the true background of him, and this movie explains a lot without getting too caught up in the explanation because it provides an exciting story. SEE IT!!!!!!! I PROMISE YOU WON'T BE Disappointed.