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Wondering what a soon-to-be young adult favorite films are ? What are the ones I would recall AND call personal favorites after just 18 years of being a being on this planet? Ranked in no particular order. Have included short films, animated movies and documentaries as well, (and also tried to put a single movie per director but I guess this was more like a fantasy). Please tell me about YOUR Top 100 since we have our life to educate ourselves, and knowledge will probably save us (or at leat give us the illusion to save oursevlves). Also HELP ME I'm trying to find more work by people I would call "outsiders", by "outsider" I mean someone who wouldn't be a white heterosexual westerner christian male. This specie used to rule the world and submitted the others very well but finally the tables are starting to turn, aren't they ? We must help another rise. (Of course this has nothing to do with the quality of work provided by some white heterosexual westerner christian males including those in my list what could they do about it actually they were just "born this way")
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A list of very inspirational movies that are coming out this new decade.

For that we can say "LONG LIVE THE 10s !"

Most of those movies are fantastic to me.
A few of them I didn't really enjoy but they definitely were inspirational and very peculiar.

And this is what I like. When I see a movie I want something interesting.

Extreme sadnesses, Intense joys...? Whatever. I want to experience something, and not silly thank you.

Actually this is how I pick them up: all the movies in that list were ones that kept haunting me after the viewing.

This list is purely suggestive and submissions/suggestions are of course welcomed and wanted.
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Suddenly there is that amazing color that makes you enter deeply in the new world surroundig you.

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