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The Day After (1983) (TV)
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Disturbing, but necessary, 7 June 2005

Yes, this movie was indeed disturbing, but needed to be made during the age when Russia was still a threat. Of course, the main event in the movie must never happen, and now with terrorists the enemy instead of Russia, the threat still is there, so the movie still has value, even though the "Cold War" technically is over with the Soviet Union. Now we have such wonderful adversaries as North Korea and China, that have taken Russia's place. Not to mention the terrorist network who can go out and buy a suitcase bomb. So, unfortunately, the nuclear threat still exists (thankfully to a lesser extent) but the American public shouldn't be too complacent when there are people in the world who would destroy us if they could using means similar to what was presented in the movie. The first time I watched this movie, it bothered me for a few days after. Quite powerful, but necessary.

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Where the F___ do I start?, 29 December 2004

Dear Blair Witch Producers, Writers, Actors, etc. -

How do I Hate Thee - Let me count the ways.

Lets just put it this way...Anyone who was really scared by this so-called movie needs some help, and it ain't physical.

Maybe by leaving out all the F'ing language, it would seem a little bit scary, but the stupid adolescent language actually made the thing funny. Turned it into a comedy of sorts.

And then the actors getting hysterical at every little occurrence didn't help make it believable. Just F'ing childish. To borrow a word from the script. I was thinking of playing the thing back and just counting the F's and S's used. Might be fun.

Sorry I couldn't rate it higher, but my 1 was the most popular vote given... I don't feel alone.

Would I watch it over again...yeah...If you paid me. A loyal IMDb fan.

Casper (1995)
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Nice change...refreshing, 31 October 2004

After you get through the stresses of your day... your job, the hassles of daily life, all the stressers that are out there daily, it seems great to sit back and enjoy something that will take you out of that for a little while. If you watch the news and read the papers every day like I do, it gets to you after a while...the young soldiers being killed in Iraq, all the election BS that we are being bombarded with right now...all or most of the news is downright depressing. That creates an important place for a movie like that can make your life a little less serious for a while. I've always been a Christina Ricci fan, going back to the Addams Family when she was only 11 years old. She was a great actress even at that young age. You could tell that she would go far as an actress. The personality was set her apart from her peers. At the age of 15, she continues to do a great job in Casper...she is very believable.

Sometimes, in this troubled world where violence and negative things seem to be the norm, a nice little movie like this can go a long way toward making your day a little brighter. Some of my other "feel good" movies are Patch Adams, all the Superman movies, the Robocop series, and good old Babe. Thanks for reading this. Feel free to reply with an email.

Cape Fear (1991)
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Not as good as the first., 3 April 2004

I'm not easily scared by movies, but both of these had such a high level of suspense that you couldn't help but be at least a little intimidated by them. I've always thought that Robert Mitchum was one seriously tough hombre, and he certainly was in the first Cape Fear.

Robert De Nero tried hard to be a rough customer, especially with the tattoos and the strange religious quotations, etc., but I think he came across not as scary as Mitchum, but a mixture of scary and weird at the same time.

The fact that I saw the first movie when I was quite young probably influences my opinions a lot. I saw the sequel as a grown man and that could have made the same level of violence seem not as frightening.

Death Wish (1974)
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The best of the series, 5 February 2004

I've seen most, if not all of the Death Wish movies and also most of Charles Bronson's films, and the first Death Wish still stands out among them all. Like the other reviewer said, The First, the Best- I agree. It was a new plot line that took the viewing public by surprise and why the film did so well at the box office. I have my own copy of it and I've watched it several times, and am about to watch it again. Its the middle of winter here and theres a big snow storm a couple hours away- what better time to stay inside and watch some good movies.

Acceptable Risk (2001) (TV)
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Interesting tragedy, 1 February 2004

I liked everything about this film except the unfortunate ending. I've always been a big fan of Kelly Rutherford and she did her usual great job in this one. I used to watch her in The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr. it seems like ages ago, and have watched for her movies ever since. She's really good in Threat Matrix too, although in that she plays a rather stern, tough girl character in my opinion. Needless to say, I think she's a cutie and really added a lot to this movie.

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An hour of heaven, 18 January 2004

As an amateur musician, I truly appreciate great music, and this was one of the best hours of television I've ever seen. Everyone was great, especially Roy, Bruce and the other guitar players and musicians. I especially liked Jennifer Warnes, K.D., and Bonnie as backup singers.

To sum it up- a truly inspiring hour of music and a tribute to Roy, who passed away way too young. There should be more shows of this caliber- TV would be a better place.

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How to become human, 15 December 2003

Career-minded hard-hearted lawyer who cheats on his beautiful wife has a life-changing experience and has to discover the hard way the qualities needed to become a good, caring human being. If I were a workaholic professional (which I'm not), this movie might actually make me weigh my priorities and realize that there's more to life than power and money.