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A great recent film about friendship, betrayal and the Wild West, 12 December 2011

I had heard great things about this film, decided to see it, and was not disappointed. What had taken me so long was never having seen anything from Dominik before, and a difficulty with both Westerns in general and in taking Brad Pitt's acting seriously, although the allure and the mystique of the Jesse James mythology was certainly enough of a pull for me to eventually give this film a chance, and I was certainly glad in retrospect that I had the courage to watch it. I cannot overemphasize how great was the cast, the music, the direction, and the cinematography. Specifically I would recommend the film to those who like me would nary the thought of watching either a Western or a Brad Pitt-featured film. More films have to be made, not of action and special effects but, like TAOJJBTCRF, that get into the hearts, minds, and souls--the humanity, if you will--of the people with the holsters, guns and horses. Many kudos to Dominik, and I actively look forward to seeing more of his work in future.

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Very disappointed by this Canadian mother-daughter film, 13 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had the misfortune of watching this film as part of a still-continuing film festival. It's the only one of nine films I've seen thus far I've hated. The editor was present afterward for a question-and-answer period; though the editing was good, what he said about how the director made the film made me dislike it all the more; that a script was written, then the director made up parts as she went along to the three overseas cities and met people whom she then wanted to include. The characters were unlikable, sexual scenes and titillation were installed for no purpose other to sell the film (just check the trailer, which shows absolutely nothing to do with the film, for a prime example), and everything in the movie was completely predictable. I am very generous in giving this a three; I should have given it either a zero or one. What a complete waste of two hours of my life. The editor told me the director has just begun teaching. I hope this doesn't lead to more films like this.

This would have made some more sense to me and have held more intrinsic value had the mother-daughter relationship been utilized more in the film in terms of them understanding their individual predicaments and coming to some sense of resolution about them. But no. They came to solutions on their own, then had a "Oh, you seem different" reunion moment and hold hands on the plane home. The only words to describe everything involved in the character development of this film are empty, meaningless and hollow. And the gimmicks: A blowjob in the first minute, and a trailer of men in their pants and underwear that has absolutely nothing to do with the film. The married main character ingesting huge amounts of alcohol and dancing all night long, trying to seduce much younger men, and the fact that it's being filmed in such great cities as London, Paris and Berlin. Ooh. Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick. Like tattoos and makeup, simply glossing over superficialities when what all that is really needed is a good character and fine acting performances. I have no idea what films or directors led the director to go into filmmaking, but certainly it should have led to much more than this. There is beauty out there: trust me on this. Take a year off and go out and find it. Please, for everybody's sake.

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I love this Canadian film, perfect for Remembrance or Veterans Day, 13 November 2011

Billy Bishop is a Canadian hero and icon, having shot down the most enemy planes ever, in the First World War. This was originally a play, written in 1978 by the two actors, and thankfully made into this unique film. Fortunately I was able to see this at a film festival, on Remembrance Day no less, in which the producer was present for a question-and-answer period afterward. I absolutely loved it. It was based on many letters written from Billy to his love, Margaret, during the Great War. Willis-Sweete is one of the best directors at adapting stage work for the big screen. I hope to see more of her work, and only wish my eight year-old son had been with me to be inspired by one of the greatest Canadians who ever lived.

The Hammer (2010)
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Deaf small-town boy makes good as eventual US wrestling champion, 13 November 2011

I came to this movie hoping to inspire my eight year-old son, who has a reading disability. I don't like wrestling, although I enjoy other sports, but mostly movies, while my son loves both watching films and pro wrestling. The special relationship between Matt and his grandfather really made an impact on my son and I. A very well-made, well thought-out film, which I would recommend to anyone. We were fortunate to see this yesterday as part of a film festival, in which both the deaf director and deaf star were present for a very illuminating question-and-answer period afterwards. In conclusion, both people, through their work, were able to show what the deaf and wrestling worlds are really like. I hope to see more of the director's work in the future and wish for her the very best.