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A list of movies which I am looking forward to in 2016.
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From the tv show only...
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This my list of the most anticipated movies coming in the next few years.Do comment and let me know if I might have missed certain movies.
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Films I am really looking forward to..
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2015 is going to be an fantastic year for movies with sequels for few of the most successful movies of the previous decades coming out in the next year.Here is my list for the most anticipated movies of 2015.In no particular order.Please feel free to comment and suggest movies which I might have missed.
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This is my list of favourite TV characters.I have watched very few shows.So many of the iconic characters might not be on this list.(In no particular order)
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I really want to see a good justice league movie preferably directed by Christopher Nolan.These are the actors i would like to see in the film.
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These are my favorite Harry Potter characters.I haven't read all the books,so these are my favorite characters from the film series.
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The most boring movies I have ever seen
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Here is a list of bollywood movies that are copied from a hollywood or a japanese movie... The original movies are listed below the copied ones.. If you think there is a mistake or discrepancies please comment..
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20 of the finest bollywood movies according to me
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