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WrestleMania VII (1991) (TV)
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Wrestlemania 7: An underrated classic!, 1 December 2005

First off, yes, the Slaughter/Iraq angle was stupid. But the Heat for the main event was off the charts and, shockingly, Slaughter carries Hogan to a decent match! The Warrior vs Savage is one of the best booked matches in history, and to not enjoy it is a travesty! A 5 star classic for sure. Some other bright spots included a great opener between the Rockers/Haku & Barbarian. Bulldog/Warlord was also much better than expected! Surprise appearances for Elizabeth & Andre the Giant just added to the big event feel here!

Sure, there was a lot of filler at this show too, but its still a fun card and was the first Wrestlemania I ever got to see.

A must to see for sure!