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"Man Up" (2011)
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Good TV show with some great comedy and truth about men, 11 November 2011

I started watching this show with my expectations set on low, but Man Up really surprised me. This show is about a group men that talk about their life, Will (Mather Zickel) who is married with Theresa (Teri Polo) have as best friends Kenny (Dan Fogler) who is Theresa brother, and Craig (Christopher Moynihan); to the mix you can add that Kenny ex wife Bridgette (Amanda Detmer) is Theresa best friend and her new boyfriend Grant (Henry Simmons) is introduced to the men group, but when Will, Kenny and Craig are grow up "nerds", Grant is the opposite of them. Every episode has a different subject but you can watch the little "nuances" about late 70's early 80's people, from a lot of Starwars references to gaming syntax.

I think you need to watch this show if you are from 25 to 40 years old.