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Discovery Channel 2000, The Lost Mummy Of Imhotep
Civilisations 2001
Discovery Channel/TLC 2002, Journey Through The Valley Of The Kings
Discovery Channel 2002, The Curse of Tutankhamun
National Geographic 2002/2003, Egypt Eternal, The Quest For Lost Tombs
National Geographic 2005, King Tut's Curse
BBC Horizon 2006, Tutankhamun's Fireball
National Geographic 2007, Engineering Egypt
Discovery Channel 2008, Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries
Discovery Channel 2008, Why Ancient Egypt Fell
National Geographic 2008, Unlocking The Great Pyramid
National Geographic 2009, Valley Of The Kings
National Geographic 2010, The Silver Pharaoh Mystery or
National Geographic, Ancient Secrets, Mystery of The Silver Pharaoh
BBC Four 2010, The Pharaoh Who Conquered The Sea
BBC One 2011, Imagine, The Pharaohs' Museum On Liberation Square
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