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Child of God (2013)
Teeth, far-too Healthy!
30 August 2014
For all of the money spent on sets, costumes and vintage cars how could the creators overlook the main character's lack of facial realism? The biggest draw to that character's appearance aside from his fake, dim witted, looking up, eye gestures.. are his teeth. Far too healthy looking for such a depraved person living in the backwoods during the early 1950s. There is no explanation given as to how he obtains money to buy ammunition for his rifle or to pay the barker at the carnival's shooting tent for games played. I found this movie nothing but an attention grab based upon some foolish notion, assumed by character over-dramatization with some far-out shock scenes thrown in, would work in capturing the audience's admiration and even that of the Oscar Awards panel. These folks overdid themselves and in such a way only to prove their movie-making immatureness. They should have hired a talented director to show them how it is done. What a waste!

My overall assessment: vile, disgusting and very much a 'walkout-able' freak-flick.
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Rage (2014)
Not Into Violence but this movie Runs Perfectly
27 April 2014
Negative comments about this movie must have been made by those who despise Nicolas Cage for whatever reasons. Being bent on jealousy would first cross my mind as a prominent one. These negative writers would have you believe this movie is predictable and boring when it is just the opposite. The timing and creativity are simply outstanding. The twists in the storyline are so profound they will keep any first-time viewer completely off-guard until the very end. Cage, of course, does a remarkable performance and for an older actor one is surprised how physically capable he still is in the action sequences. I could not help but think Cage is grabbing at the action for all it is worth knowing fair well his agility will soon decline with his increasing years. He does a remarkable job in this movie convincingly conveying a whole spectrum of emotion at a very realistic level and shows us how great an actor he really has become. I might add, all of the tough guy roles are exceptional in their castings and all are individually incredible in their own right. Without the same devotion Cage has, these actors would not shine like Cage does. A believable, exceptionally well-produced action flick. The best I have seen in years. Fabulous timing!
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True Detective (2014– )
Well Written!
10 March 2014
What a great finale! This has got to be one of the best television series I have ever seen. The acting, writing and directing were all supreme.The word is however the next season of HBO's "True Detective" brings different characters from another part of the country. Too bad. The finale of this first season was written much better than the grand-finale of the highly-proclaimed "Dexter" TV series over at Showtime. What a let down. Head writer of "Dexter," Scott Buck, could learn a thing or two from these new writers at HBO. Season 1 of "True Detective" was exceptionally well-written and a thrill to watch from start to finish.
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Fatal Call (2012)
Should Have Been Fabulous
27 July 2013
This movie has a tremendous storyline but unfortunately it is poorly produced. I could not become completely immersed as I was constantly reminded of its amateurish feel. Though professionally written this production only fails in the way it is played out. The acting is bad, the timing is off and the general continuity lacks proper direction and good editing skill. With regard to the acting, itself, my main concern would be with the majority of the actors failing to synchronize their eye movements with the actual thoughts they are supposed to be depicting. As far as the location shooting goes, the factory/refinery setting is supposed to be an abandoned plant and no longer in operation yet when we first see this location steam is rising from some of the vents. A poor production, overall, but a great "thriller" story all the same.
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Lore (2012)
A Quaint Film with Potential but Not Well Directed
27 March 2013
I believe this interesting story was not as well related as it could have been. The storyline did not flow properly. As an example, one moment the actors are in a field in daylight and the next they are on a train at nightfall. How did they get from the field to the train so suddenly? In general there are gaps like this throughout the film just as there are scenes not properly edited where the "takes" are over-extended, leaving the actors steering blankly into nothingness. Some good professional polish would have helped this film along considerably. By that I mean, proper direction with others on the production team having had experience at good adaptation and story comprehension.
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Lawless (2012)
"Opens with a BLAST and Closes with a BLAST"
12 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is a fairly well done modern movie. There are very few movies I like today. I guess the same can be said for anyone in their sixties from any generation since the things we always liked before are never as good when we get older. In a way with this movie I can identify but as usual America's love of it's fire arms is evident all through.. BANG BANG BANG!

I guess people are naturally attracted to movies when guns are involved. I would assume it is the ultimate means of protection for the average Joe and that Joe likes to see various scenarios played out with all of that sudden death fire power. After all what would be more exciting in modern day America than a gun going off somewhere. We all stop what we are doing and either move in, for a closer look, or run for cover.

Gotta' love seeing the bullies getting blasted all to bits. Oh yeah!
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The Girl (2012 TV Movie)
Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder
29 October 2012
Only we of the Hitchcock era can truly appreciate this film so I think this is why it has not garnered the right acclaim it so properly deserves. When I read the negative comments I can not believe the younger generation to be so ignorant and incapable of comprehending the superb acting of the two keys actors involved. So fabulously done and spot on. The storyline, it's timing, and the direction of the movie's flow is most interesting and so cleverly captured by it's modern day director and crew. If you are a fan of the era and Hitchcock films in particular than this is the story you do not want to miss! Thank you so much for such a nice piece of biographical film. I totally enjoyed it.
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Repeaters (2010)
Cast And Crew Know The Magic
21 August 2011
The cast and crew of this film know what it takes to make an interesting movie. I was quite surprised to discover it was a Canadian thriller comprised of all Canadian actors and crew. I did not realize this until after I watched the movie and then checked out the movie's details on IMDb. Repeaters' repeating theme is sort of another take on Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and though this duplication takes away from any claim Repeaters could have to originality the two movies are totally different in plot and genre. There are some unexplained parts in the storyline's flow but I do not think they are strong enough to throw the audience out of it's constant comprehension of the general stream. In other words Repeaters has the ability to entrance an audience and so thereby can be appreciated as a good, reasonable piece of movie entertainment. My congratulations go out to the crew and to the talented young actors for not engaging in melodrama but instead delivering a good, down-to-earth performance with excellent production effects. Let's see more of these 'way to do it' movies which appear so very together. Well done, cast and crew - 'you've got the feel'!
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Buried (2010)
One Unbelievable Flaw Can Destroy A Masterpiece
14 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Looking at the overall view of this movie it had all the makings of a masterpiece and coming in certainly at one of the lowest budgets ever in the making of such an intense thriller. The incredible opening credits must have taken at least three-quarters of that budget alone. With the film being intensely suspenseful from start to finish I was thrilled at the splendid timing and the portrayal of the storyline except for in one instance. Once I saw that instance I was terribly disappointed as it was one of those "suddenly stop-shocking" revelations that can destroy for me the whole credibility of a good film. If only the director, editor, screenplay-writer or the entire collaboration of professionals had seen this bad aspect, I am sure the film would have gone down in history as one of the great shining gems of all of the small budget features. Unfortunately, it was obviously wrong to introduce the snake where it was introduced. Surely all of the physical panic-thrashing generated by the actor when he first consciously realized he was buried alive would have aggravated the snake to bite him and not haphazardly slip out of the actor's pant leg much further down the storyline. Nope, I can not buy that. I am sorry, but the story's intrigue was lost for me, then and there.
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Fantastic! But facial intensities not even............
11 March 2009
This is a great thriller! A thriller I could not say should have been made better. However as much as I liked the acting of the spy hero (Ulrich Mühe) I must say his suspicious character's constant demeanor appeared a little too melodramatic and throughout. Such being to the point where he would have surely raised the suspicions of the East German Police to his ultimate betrayal and at a very early stage during the movie. In a way I am sorry for this critique as I really loved watching this film and that of all the works of the late, great Ulrich Mühe (.. as many may already know, Ulrich Mühe passed away recently after suffering from stomach cancer at the early age of 51).

'Bravo' to the other participating "Das Leben der Anderen" cast and crew. Great job and well done !!

Hollywood certainly must be interested in Sebastian Koch. If not, why not?
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DuMont: The Next Anthony Perkins?
3 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I found The Cellar Door to be rather interesting and I will admit it captured my attention to almost the very end. I sensed the storyline was well played out and with all of the scenes appearing believable other than the contrived unbreakability of the movie's most viewed prop. The cage was constructed of a weak ceiling of very thin wood and without a wire mesh that in reality could have easily been kicked out. Toward the story's end is where the timing and the series of events destroys whatever greatness the movie could ever attain. That timing and procedure goes from good to ridiculous. The most notably poor scene being when the girlfriend strikes the perpetrator over the head with a bat. At that point, in light of the severity of what had already happened, it would only stand to reason the girlfriend should have struck him more than once in that particular region. But, that would have ended the movie too abruptly, right? So, I would think the scene should have never been shot in the first place. As well, I would assume some other totally different finale could have been concocted instead.

I must say James DuMont plays an excellent psycho "perp". So much so the movie just may stereo-cast him as such.
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Untraceable (2008)
An Entertaining Movie
28 January 2008
A very well done thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The movie is well worth the time to go out and see. The storyline is so intense and it's pace so fast it leaves one with no other alternative but to pay attention. The acting is superb and I have no qualms with Gregory Hoblit's directing.

Hoblit has captured an exciting flick about a computer genius out of sync with society while on a revenge streak. The most beautiful thing about the entire movie is that it all falls in line (it makes sense) and all of the facts, as they unfold, are logical. Yes, a good story to watch while snuggled up with the misses. So enthralling you will forget where you are, the theater or at home.
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The Reaping (2007)
Incredible !!!
18 August 2007
I can not believe this film has attracted so many negative comments from so many very intelligent movie-goers. Why? How come? It's so unfair! What more can these negative writers expect from a movie of this genre and especially of those being produced these days? Would it be, so many are afraid Hilary Swank may walk away with her third Oscar, come this March, 2008? It's already a classic in my opinion and in the utmost sense of the word, too, and well within a world all of it's own. I have not seen such an entrancing film of this kind in many a year.

Congratulations to the director, producers and all of the crew! So professionally done, from head to toe/start to finish. All in all, it runs in PERFECT sense and intelligibility throughout the entire film.

A work of art! (.. and Swank, well, she's just something else.. an acting genius for sure )
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Karla (2006)
So, It Is As They Say.. huh ??
11 May 2007
Commenting on the technical aspects of this movie I would say it was relatively well done though I feel more attention should have been paid to the three or four verbal fowl ups found within the film's dialog. This kind of shortcoming seems a common occurrence these days in many a film or TV episode and would only present itself as being a bad look on the actors. Hopefully post-production editors will start listening more carefully to diction as such inadequacies play as strings of humiliating wastes within a film.

The movie's storyline can only be trusted as much as the Canadian public trusts it's government and it's nation's legal system. After all that is what ran the show.. so to speak. The facts seem to be presented as to the way the Canadian government would want them to be presented and NOTHING more.

My regards to the actors and creators of this fine film and to their initial effort of sprinkling some sunshine onto a big void that could be called "an assumed ignorance". A more integral approach plausibly will never be found for at least another 50 years or more and at that only if all of the evidence and testimonies have NOT been destroyed by then.

I enjoyed this "flic".. thanks!
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it's really not worth all the fuss
29 October 2006
I saw "Death Of A President" a few nights ago and found the movie to be incredibly boring. Aside from all of the "hype" regarding whether or not the movie has moral issues, to me, this is of no concern. I just found the movie to be plain boring. So boring, in fact, I left three-quarters of the way through it. Don't waste your money or your sense on this ridiculousness.

Though the acting seems real at first the actors lose their grip as the movie progresses. Do the motion-picture business a favor and just forget about this money-thirsty, controversy-seeking film, really.

Second thought, do us ALL a favor by just ignoring it period.

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Finally A Movie That Does The ' Trick & Treat ' Thing
8 October 2006
This is one of the better horror films I have seen in a very long time. I say this simply because good acting and special effects coordinate well within a well-timed and consistent storyline. Additionally, the movie is believable in it's ability of having enough potential to leave a true audience completely entranced within it's own entertainment value. You get your money's worth, as is seen with good professional directing finally brought back to this particular genre of film. Maybe things will again start looking-up as things did when Hitchcock influenced Hollywood back in the early 60's, with his release of "Psycho".

The only sad part is how the writer of this film, as with most other writers within, this, our current era, fails to finish on a happy "ever-after" ending. Recently, it seems, writers are picking up on our (the audience's) imagination of not wishing for happy endings but instead those pertaining to our yearnings of feeling-out truthful negatives regarding current and disposing times, or the uncertain times to follow. Very pessimistic, to say the least.
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10th & Wolf (2006)
Trying Too Hard At The Impossible
18 September 2006
This is a fancy production with all the right bells and whistles however it gives an impression of only being an assembly of second takes from past gangster flicks. There is nothing original or spellbinding in the film and unfortunately the acting comes across as only being phony. It rings of a small-town group trying to outdo the pros by imitating them. Like Dennis Hopper the movie is just not believable. I must say I do believe the storyline is credible along with all of the film's technical aspects though I find it hard to believe more of an effort wasn't made to appear unique and intriguing in overall presentation.
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Manson (1973)
A Good Documentary And For Generations To Come
17 June 2005
I have just viewed this documentary for the first time. I missed it when it initially came out.

I'm left thinking of how each new generation could benefit from the obvious story told through this film's depiction. It presents a good case of how demented and out of whack with society young people can be when under the influence of mind-altering drugs.

There will always be those handing out good arguments for the legalization of illegal drugs. The most recent one being marijuana in a way of it having so-called medicinal properties.

I think "Manson" tells us of how with any act of society in legalizing hallucinogenic drugs would come a great influence on the mindset of our youth and in such a way as is readily seen in this documentary. I also think the film tells us of how the family in it's attempt to mask any emotions pertaining to scary reality digresses down to a living hell by first having contact with the gateway drug "marijuana" and then proceeding on with more potent drug associations thereafter.

The storyline is unbelievably real. A frightening account of youth having fun until everything homicidally slips out of their control.
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Constantine (2005)
A True Work of Art
20 March 2005
I enjoyed this film throughly from start to finish. Though at times the dialog was difficult to follow the action spoke all that was needed to be said. Excellent special effects bringing such to the forefront of dramatic expression and in such an incredible and believable way. A true work of art totally tingling my imagination and leaving all venues of sustainability covered.

It was a thrill to be so captivated by brilliant and well-coordinated work exhibited by the cast and crew of this explicit film. All involved are tremendously talented and I anxiously await any of their future productions.
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Boogeyman (2005)
Good Only For Sensory Shock Effect
13 February 2005
A typical fright-flick lacking an effective and sensible storyline. Too much focus placed on special effects (which were good) though not enough spent on how the story should unfold. Very poor co-ordination.

I found the acting reasonable, but the timing of the characters and their narrative lacked a believable purpose.

Negatively, as well, I found the movie to be too short and always attempting to insert it's rapid audio/visual shock-effects. With so many such-like effects placed throughout the movie I quickly became desensitized to them causing me to not fully appreciate the grand-finale at the movie's very end.

Too bad.
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