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Mostly African Actors, or actors with African parents grown up elsewhere.
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It's Peter Capaldi ladies and gentlemen!

Some people in the comment section point out that the Doctor can be anyone and the also rightfully point out that this list is as ethnically and sexual diverse as a Slayer concert (sorry female Slayer fans). And there right, completely right.

However, this being a realistic list of doctor candidates, it is safe to say it would be a enormous gamble for the BBC to make the Doctor woman. A gamble they normally would not take with a succesfull show like this. It is a shame, but that's how this society works unfortunately. Changing the Doctors race is somewhat more likely. However the black British who have the capacity to play the Doctor are either to famous (Harewood, Elba, Oyelowo and especially Ejiofor) or literally to big (imagine Anozie standing next to Clara).
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Actors playing Young Adults (16-20)
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HERE BE, albeit minor, I managed to talk around the hot stuff in most of the occasions, SPOILERS. Most of my remarks are story-related, but some actors deserved a nod, so there are some actor related compliments as wel. Also, apologies for the typos and language, my English isn't very good.

UPDATE: Everybody recovered from their hearth attacks after the Red Wedding? Ok, I obviously have to rewrite some pieces after last nights horrifyng 'Rains of Castamere', so expect some outdated pieces.
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This will be expanded

All and all, the War of the Roses has proven to be a major inspiration for Martin
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Movies that are set in Africa or are about Africans, whether they are good, bad, political incorrect, overtly racist, simplistic or whatever qualification you can give to a movie.

Hollywood movies set in Africa from before the 90's are predominantly adventure and action films, while in the last few decennia, the focus has shifted to humanitarian drama's and the tragic history of Africa. Recurring subjects are the Rwandan Genocide and Apartheid
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