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Have you ever screamed in the silence? Do you know how it feels?, 2 November 2005

A stunning movie is not only for 1979 but also for 2005.

The movie shares the feeling of the women who suffer rape and the consequence. It is very shocking. And the vision is not limited in Quebec but also the world. Not only the Quebecoise suffers the sexual violence but also the women in Africa, in France, and in Vietnam. What is the worst is the consequence of the rape and the social ignorance of the protection for victim.

It is a fictional documentary but it is even more convinced and powerful than documentary itself. The filmmaker is very smart and skillful to present many aspects in such a limited space. Most of the victims keep silent because they feel ashamed of themselves. That is one of the reasons why seldom people understand them and thus can help them. This film offers a space for victim to speak out their feeling and also for audience to know about the violence and its consequence.

It is one of my favorite films.

Baraka (1992)
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An extraordinary trip, 18 January 2004

During the 96 minutes, I feel like a bird crossing time and space.

I was amazed by the images and the camera technique. For just a few second images, the filmmaker have to overcome how many difficulties! What a spectacular job!

Moreover, the questions it brings to me strike me, and it makes me rethink about the human life. The contrast between the worlds and the cultures punch me so hard.

This movie is absolutely in my collection.

Paycheck (2003)
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Not as bad as I thought, 18 January 2004

I was forced to watch the movie. The content of the film seems very commercial and cliché. But actually it is really not that bad. The plot is very tight and the tension lasts until the end. I was very well entertained.

Elephant (2003)
Punch with a slow film rhyme, 18 January 2004

I like and hate the slow rhyme at the same time. I need patient to follow, until I see the two guys in military suit, then I wake up.

But, anyway, it is quite successful for launching the punch.

The contrast between actions is impressive and striking.

Also, it is very interesting that one point links three characters together. The concept for arranging the time, location, characters and events is beautiful.

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The Plot as Strong as The Image, 12 December 2003

The images are very impressed. The color, the shadow, the depth of field and the framing are excellent. Every individual image is a great picture! Specially in the scene of presenting Ruyi as the master of the family, the soft lens makes Ruyi's white clothes flared, so that it emphasizes her special position in the family as well as her angel image.

We often see the sexual victim as woman. As contrary, this movie describes a male victim from the sex abuse of his sister and his brother-in-law. The tragedy goes deeper when this victim destroys the others and himself.

In summary, this movie is on my collection list.