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a list of 250 titles
This is a list of my 250 favourite films as of November 2011. The list is in rough order of preference. I plan to post new editions of this list periodically. Please bear in mind there are still many highly acclaimed films I haven't seen (so a film not being on here doesn't necessarily mean I don't love it but could mean I simply haven't seen it), and that a couple films lower down on the list are overdue a rewatch and could well climb up the list once rewatched.
a list of 63 titles
A list of my favourite directors, roughly ranked in order of preference.

Please note that there are many directors whose work I have not even begun to watch and that many of these directors in my favourites I have not watched much from. I am still on the beginning of this journey.

Each director on this list is represented by my favourite of the films I've seen from them. I've also left a note next to each of these representative films listing the films in order of preference that I've seen from the director.
a list of 100 titles
These films our the final 100 films in a poll that was run by PolarisDiB on the Mubi film forum. The poll was a hurt and heal style game which continued until just 20 films were left. The final top 20 take up the top 20 slots in this list, whilst the next 80 films are the last 80 films to be eliminated with film 21 being the last film to be eliminated, film 22 being the penultimate film to be eliminated and so on. The game started with over 1200 titles, so getting in to the final 100 is a real achievement.