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Since from everyone's perspective this is one of the best entertaining series in all respects and nearing its astounding run of 50 years by this years end exactly on 23rd November, 2013 which will continue till the end of the universe. But amazingly there is one special fact regarding the series, one who is new to it can start at any point [from any episode of any season] and he/she/alien will get to know all the details regarding it while going through it.. as it will turn out that you will end up on wikia, wikipedia, novels audio books, comics and even the original Doctor Who seasons! Whatever the case maybe you will love the greatest as well as the worst episodes for one single reason, "He is in your heart, you want to meet him or be like him the kind-hearted (never mind if you can't be from both the hearts), but this will be a TV series for the life time" So, Allonsy.. :)
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All the very best which came infront of the world after still images was the motion cinema... with its charismatic effect on generations to come from the early golden days of 1870's Lumeire's and Edison's, The Vaudeville live action and Nickelodeon to the current generation of 3D and VHX now... "A Never Ending Story" of delight, public influence and love... a homage to the art which will persist for ever!!! -- Anugrah Saxena