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The Road Home (2010/I)
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a life changing film for many, 8 November 2011

As the co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, I have previewed The Road Home with many who have also been raised between different cultural worlds as Pico did. They, too,struggle with the same identity issues Pico faces.

Just three weeks ago, I watched as two people watched this with tears of both joy and sadness streamed down their faces. Joy that what they had felt but been unable to articulate for their whole lives was finally given voice. Sadness as they identified so deeply with the pain Pico feels when others assume who he is by outward appearance rather than by his life experiences.

They also understood only too well how the frustration Pico felt of not being known by other as he knows himself to be and how that frustration comes out in a way others see as anger instead of pain.

This film reflects powerfully what is the "new normal" for so many in our world... a "hidden diversity" where others are expecting the person to be a certain stereotype when that person is very different within. Mixed race children/adults, children of immigrants, bi-cultural children and the adults they become all relate powerfully to Pico's struggles in this wonderful film. I've witnessed that first hand.

The scenery and acting are magnificent as well as the story. Best of all, The Road Home reminds us of one of the most fundamental truths for our globalizing world: until we know each person's story, we cannot make judgments of who that person is regardless of skin color or apparent ethnicity. That's why this film is so needed and important.

I would give it 100 our of 10 ifI could!