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"Weeds" (2005)
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I second the 1st comment and then some. (ML Parker fans beware), 8 August 2005

I had just read the SF Chronicles middling review - maybe you have to be from LA and real to get this show. As a forlorn, pre-grieving 6 Feet Under fan this is the perfect antidote to having nothing but the wasteland to look forward to, after they put 6 Feet under. Again bravo Showtime!

PS the only sour note I have is from members of the crew on the show. I am a long time big Mary Louise Parker fan and agree she outdoes herself in losing any mannerisms in this role, but the crew reports she is badly abusive to everyone. It's been too long to blame this on Billy Crudup. I pray for her to lose whatever anger, self-loathing, and insecurities that might be driving her to behave this way. But would that ruin her as an actress? (I don't think having the reputation as the next Faye Dunaway will help). I've changed sides after hearing this. Maybe Billy was right.

Lan Yu (2001)
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Out of unremarkable plot material Kwan has elicited a portrayal of emotions of incredible subtlety and gentleness from his actors, 5 January 2004

It has an overall feel of an Eric Rohmer film, the portrayal of the reality of emotion and connection in the stark environment of modern Beijing and Chinese society is a feat of amazing subtlety.

Perhaps incomprehensible to people in a society long open, the stark contrast between the comfort of rare privilege and emotional squalor and the material squalor of the young student/architect and emotional richness there goes beyond the triteness the another user accuses this material of.

I am fairly jaded westerner moved to emotional resonance, (certainly not the result of the melodramatic ending I could have done without.)