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a list of 76 titles
Includes every sub genre and is till the year 1999
a list of 134 titles
Post 1970.
Mystery and suspense only.
a list of 153 titles
Including psychological horror, creature flicks, horror fantasy and horror comedies!
a list of 94 titles
Memorable Action Heroes & Anti-Heroes.
a list of 151 titles
A broad list of movies which can:

a) make you feel good or
b) make you laugh
a list of 73 titles
Top Romantic Movies -1980 and later
a list of 20 titles
All genres including horror and comedy :)
Post 1990
a list of 102 titles
a list of 50 titles
Watch with time to recover :)
a list of 63 titles
a list of 33 titles
Film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations :)
a list of 88 titles
Crooked Cops, Con Men, Gangsters and Assorted Criminals :)
a list of 15 titles
a list of 35 titles
a list of 25 titles
Cops, Killers and Gangsters. Have avoided outright horror.
a list of 30 titles
a list of 30 titles
Thrillers and Horror Movies set in cold, cold weather....brrrr