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Beaster (2004)
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Student Short Cinema at its Best, 2 February 2005

I saw this short student film at the annual Film Festival at Hofstra University in Spring 2004 and was enthralled and blown away with it. All elements of the production were of the highest level exceeding that of a student film. The story was hilarious, Jesus is now the king of the zombies and eats his apostles. Pilot acts as the Bruce Campbell of the film and suits up to clean up the mess. At the showing i saw, several people got up in the middle of the film due to their outrage with the material; which was satirized extremely effectively. Special effects, cinematography, and humor are the highlights of this enjoyable short.

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A horrid movie, i show it to all my friends & we lampoon it, 1 November 2004

I have read several reviews and message board entries on here, and the problem with you guys is that you are remembering it from the context of a 6 year old. I still own a copy and i tote it along everywhere i go and show it to film friends of mine and we cry with laughter.

This movie is the worst rubbish imaginable. Our only guess to why all these people agreed to do this movie is to fulfill a court order of community service hours. The acting is horrendous, our lead actress Shelly Duvall takes the taco here pal. (the only good acting comes from Gordon through out the entire movie, luckily) The costumes should be illegal, ex: the Stray Cats bar. Some of the Rhymies are just plaster masks loosely attached. it makes me sad for Rick Baker. The downright gumption of the producers to get away with the poorly construed innuendo's of Woody Harrelson's Little Lamb, makes me sigh. This movie can probably seen as a metaphor for the consumerism and facade of the world of the 1980s.

The only redeeming part of this movie is the fake 80s hair band dungeon torture sequence. I like singing along with the words on screen.