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Alex Cross (2012)
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Disappointment, 12 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off I have to say the movie was not what I expected. If you are a big Tyler Perry fan then you may enjoy it more than most action/thriller fanatics. I for one was very disappointed when i watched the movie. Unfortunately i have read the complete Alex Cross series written by James Patterson and I have also watched the two previous movies with Morgan Freeman. This made my expectations high as I was looking forward to a new look into the "world of Alex Cross".

The story line is a complete mix up and the details are so far off from the original stories it actually feels as though the writer of this script thought that James Patterson's work was not up to a level that could be appreciated. Having said that there are a few parts in the movie that are good though, the acting of the criminal is something that does meet the same level as imagined when you read one of the novels. I guess it is all down to personal preference but I did not enjoy this as much as i thought i would. If they had a whole new story line with a new serial killer but kept the facts from the books it might have been better.