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An epic quest to catalogue the films I watch, will literally watch any film, rate it and write about it..., every time I watch a new film I add it to the list..., take a look
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This is a list of film stars I have seen in at least one film, some old some new, various... check it out!
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Now wouldn't it have been better if these film stars had won the academy awards? Both actor and actress are listed for each year
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Now wouldn't it have been a lot better if these were the oscar winning films?
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This is a list of all the shows I watched or saw as a kid..., I was born and lived in England in the West Midlands so the list will probably be biased towards English shows but that doesn't mean there won't be other shows on here as well
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This is simply a list of all the film stars past or present, dead or alive that I have seen act..., some good, some not so good I'll let you decide