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In no order of preference.

Some you'll know, some perhaps you won't. All are recommended for a wild range of reasons. So far, these are the ones i love the most in this increasingly addictive genre.
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Some we loved, some we watched simply because there was nothing better on. Still, it was a golden age of kids TV before things got all wacky, soul-less, full of 200mph epilepsy-inducing editing and teenage presenters. All hail to the gentler, lovingly crafted worlds of Jonny Morris, Derek Griffiths, Oliver Postgate, Tony Hart, Johnny Ball etc etc..

ps - omissions are inevitable - let me know any classics i missed and i'll put them on
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The finest choices for the festive season. Including : Christmas films and TV specials, fantasies, mysteries, quality kids films, cosy comedies, spooky black and whites and movies set in snow * * * * * *
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These are legendary film critic Barry Norman's Top 50 in alphabetical order (as if that needs explaining..)

Plus for the hell of it, i added a few titles myself worthy of the accolade 'Best of British'.

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..In my humble and not so humble opinion as a true Brit with 3 and a half decades of obsessive TV watching behind him.

There is no order to the list. Best read chronologically or alphabetically.

There are some classics missing (Dad's Army, Red Dwarf, Peep Show etc) simply because i didn't enjoy them as much as i do the ones on the list. I'm sure there are some others missing that i simply forgot (apologies).

Hopefully you can discover or rediscover a great comedy from reading this list.

Cheers for now.
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After listing my favourite spooky Black and White Movies (see my other lists), here is my favourite colour Horror movies. Scream and enjoy.
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My favourite B+W horror movies. Good for Hallowe'en, Christmas and any dark and stormy night..
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Films for Easter Viewing. Religion and reflection, fantasy and fun. Everything from Jesus Christ to Charlie Brown.

Consider resurrection and the renewed life force of springtime whilst watching these movies and eating chocolate eggs x
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Few side swipes, couple of wrestling ones thrown in for good measure but no kicking, not much biting and hardly any rabbit punches. No personal order, list is written to be read by release date.
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My personal top 50 in a vague kind of order. A great year, especially for period movies. A couple of films listed here have 1974 as the release date but that all depends on which side of what pond you are standing.
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A personal top 50 of favourites and curiosities. Too hard to call for a straight running order. A few have 1981 as the release date on this site, but that's debatable.
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Perkins, have you ever seen
A man become a runner bean?
Upon your window ledge he lies
With skin for legs and pods for eyes
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What is a cat?
Where is a cat?
Who is a cat?
Were YOU my Nan's old cat?