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I'm looking for a movie, that shows a relationship between a boy (13-16 years) and young woman (24-29 years). I think the movie is french and it is not old (maybe from 2000-2007) All I know is they fall in love, they go together in forests and talk to each other, lying in the grass and on old shacks. And she makes him jealous sometimes by contact to other guys. Can somebody help me? Please make suggestions! The movies in the list ar similar to the movie.
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Not on IMDB:
Stacey Kent
Champian Fulton*
Elisabeth Shepherd
Laila Biali*
Sara Gazarek (She is pretty important, I think*)
Athena Campanella
Monika Borzym
Shoshana Bush
Laetizia Gambi
Melanie Scholtz
Eleni Valanti
Stephy Haik
Kate McGarry
(Alexa Barchini, Shelly Tzarafi)
Hopeful singers (Rita Payes, Magalie Datzira, Eva Fernandez, Andrea Motis)

I can't believe that some of these women aren't on IMDB*. I know the style of all singers listed here and I'm open for some new. If you think there is someone missing who I should listen to, write a comment! I will listen to her. Maybe it's in the list the next time ;)
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They're overrated and/or unsympathic! Really bad actors and people who sell their bad music. It's like I could vomit or yawn when I just see them...
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