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A charmingly British film that is both funny and facinating, 10 April 2004

Alternative music is a passion of mine, so when I heard that there was film being made about factory records/'madchester', I was looking foward to seeing it. I wasn't disapointed. The script is very witty, the soundtrack is brilliant (Buzzcocks, A Certain Ratio, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays, I could go on....), it probably isn't 100% true to what actually happened, but that doesn't matter that much, after all, 24 Hour Party People is only a film. It also brings you into the lives of those there, and also heavily explores not only the music, but the scene too, which is very important because it essentially spawned the rave music of today. A fun filled way to spend a couple of hours. Highly recomended.

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A gloriously funny film from the Troma/South Park crew, 10 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*MINOR SPOILERS* Wow. Troma and South Park, two of the most famous enterprises in the world of bad taste, together in one film. Of course, Troma has nothing to do with the making of the film, but the mere fact that they are distributing it means that it must have some Troma-esque qualities. What we get is the story of Alfred Packer, the only man convicted of cannibalism in America (I believe that this is even a true story, but obviously only to a point), who goes off with a group of five wacky miners to find gold. They get lost and are found struggling to survive. All but Alfred die. He arives back to civilization and is charged with murder and canibalism, and so the story goes on. This is a great film, with some great songs including 'Snowman' and 'Hang the bastard, hang him!' It also shows the Trey Parker and Matt Stone had potential, right from the start.

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Not too bad, 21 March 2004

I wasn't expecting too much from this movie. 1) My parents liked it. 2) It was a mainstream hit and for some reason, mainstream hits and I don't go well together, but to my pleasant surprise, I enjoyed this movie. I think it tried, rather than suceeded to be moving at times, but it was nice to see Robin Williams' character doing nice things with the Vietnamese. It was also nice to see the relationship that develops with Williams and one of the Vietnamese boys in the film. This film was in parts, dull, but all in all was a nice, funny, light movie, with a definite highlight being the scene that featured Louis Armstrong's brilliant, 'What a Wonderful World'.

Trash (1970)
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Raw and Real, 20 March 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

* MAY CONTAIN SPOILER * This film, it has to be said, is not Trainspotting. It features much

more graphic heroin use scenes than the movie that 'shocked' audiences more than 25 years later. The storyline basically revolves around Joe, a junkie and to a lesser extent, his girlfriend Holly. As a result of his heroin use, Joe has lost all sexual feeling, but he doesn't miss it at all. He doesn't really miss anything at all. The directing and camera work are sometimes hard to take, but I fell that it almost makes the film more effective and realistic, which I assume was the aim of it. Despite what people say, it doesn't really, in my opinion, have a real angle on whether drug use is right or wrong, it just tries to comunicate the way that Joe and Holly live. This film contains graphic heroin use, and full frontal male and female nudity, so it is probably not for everyone, but it is certainly an interesting film.

Eraserhead (1977)
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Surreal and Totally Original. My favourite Lynch Film, 9 March 2004

Seeing this film took me on a journey, not necessarily with the characters, but in my own mind, and that's what I love about it. It is Lynch's most simple, yet also his most complicated film to date and is impossible to explain or comprehend. What surprises me is how a Black & White film with a low budget, more than 25 years after it was made, is still so surreal, effective and excellent. I would strongly recommend any fans of Lynch's work, of cult cinema and possibly of horror films (although this isn't really a horror film) see this film. You will soon see where all the 'baby' jokes come from, where the roots of arthouse and surreal cinema come from and why this is one of the most praised cult films ever. A pure masterpiece.

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Not great, 6 March 2004

This film is certainly a way to kill 80 minutes, but I don't know if I'd recommend it too much. Like so many other movies in this genre, it has an interesting idea. A butcher who's just got out of a mad asylum, people start going missing and his sausages are tasting extra nice. Surprisingly, there is very little gore in this movie, but it was the seventies, so liberal amounts of female nudity were thrown in for good measure. Moving to the bad points though, and this movie has quite a few of them. The acting is terrible, the music is awful, the camera work is sometimes unbareable, and, unlike other horror movies of the 70s, this has not aged well.

This movie is worth a watch if you are a fan of black comedy with horror touches from the 70s, for others, you will find this a waste of time.

Funny Man (1994)
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An interesting concept with varying degrees of success, 6 March 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS* This demented trashy gore-comedy is definitely interesting in its intentions. It seems to want to create a British version of Freddy Krueger, who goes around killing some weird British characters in twisted ways. The story starts off with a game of cards in which a character played by hammer legend, Christopher Lee, bets his house and then looses it. The record company owner who wins it is a bit of a smartarse and Lee's character says "You're a funny man, but I've met funnier, and so will you..." The rest of the story is kind of predictable from here on in, and the Funnyman eventually kills the family and some hitchhikers including a Velma (from Scooby Doo) look/actalike and a Jamaican heroin addict.

Funnyman does have it's moments, but it also has some problems. The killings, which are meant to be comical, turn out more often than not to be very stupid and unfunnny, and the movie seems to try too hard in general. It also has the 'made to be a cult film' sort of appeal in the same way some Troma films do.

That said, it does have enjoyable parts and is probably worth a watch if you are into weird gore-comedy.

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Best post-Hammer British Horror flick, 3 March 2004

This film is a glorious mix of gothic horror, gore, eroticism and British charm and is one of the only examples of horror and comedy being mixed effectively. The story is based on Bram Stoker's original novel (which I have not actually read), but I don't know how well it follows it.

Other highlights include an early performence from a guy named Hugh Grant (and is probably his best movie) and the psychedelic hallucinations experienced by some of the cast.

Ken Russell has created a true masterpiece full of chills and laughs that is extremely underrated.

All in all, campy horror at it's best.

Teenage Caveman (2002) (TV)
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Larry Clark abandons serious teenage themes in favour of a modern exploitation gem, 28 February 2004

A lot of people would expect anything made by Larry Clark to be 'artistic gold'. This is a major exception.

This attempt to remake the classic originally directed by Roger Corman is a fun film to watch, filled with gore, nudity and substance abuse.

The cast are mainly from mainstream teen movies and television shows, so the acting is far from perfect.

This is not on the same sort of serious line as Kids, it is a B-Movie that is just harmless, shock filled fun.

Do not watch this movie if you are expecting something along the lines of Kids. Don't watch this movie if you are expecting a faithful remake of the Corman classic. This film is best watched and enjoyed by fans of trash horror.

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Lynch's masterpiece. Far better than Mulholland Drive can ever hope to be., 28 February 2004

Okay, I must admit to enjoying Mulholland Drive (not a 'cool' think to admit, I know), but this is just SO much better.

I invited a few friends round and we watched this, and what was amazing, was to see different people's reactions to this.

One friend kept mouthing off about how this movie had no real plot, no meaning and was simply arthouse nonsense. Thank god he left before the end. Another couple of friends (one male, one female) were so engrossed that they left the room to engage in who-knows-what. Then there were the silent ones (who either didn't know what to think or didn't really care). And then, myself and three others, who were determined to figure out whatever this movie was about, and we tried our best, and the joy of this movie, is we will never know whether we were right in our thoughts or not.

But my thoughts on the movie were that it was an absolute visual and psychological feast and really genius.

The story twists and turns, so much so that people were always trying to guess what will happen next, and always getting it wrong.

I personally believe, by the end of the movie, it had sort of become clear, the relationships between Fred and Pete, Renee and Alice and certainly the 'mystery man'.

What you end up with is a schitzophrenic masterpiece, one only Lynch is capable of pulling off so well.

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