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"24" (2001)
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just watched first season on DVD - what is the cult appeal of this show??, 31 October 2006

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My wife and I never caught the the 24 hysteria when it originally aired on Fox so we just finished watching the first season last night. I'm sorry, but are we all watching the same show? How many times can his wife and daughter be rescued within an instant of being killed, recaptured, nearly killed, rescued and then recaptured before being rescued again in 24 hours??? The final twist with Nina being the German super mole is ridiculous--the writers clearly wrote these episodes with little concern for continuity. Why did Nina help Jack at the clinic when his wife and daughter were first brought in and she see's a hit man on the phone in an adjacent room--Nina clearly didn't have to build Jack's trust and all it would do is set her conspirators back so why look for him?? We almost looked forward more to the side story with the senator and his viper of a wife--essentially like the true politics of our time. I will agree--the unique nature of the show definitely hooks you, Kiefer, Haysbert, etc, are all superb, but then doing things over and over and over tries your patience. Then the ending, oh the ending, what a bunch of uninspiring crap! The final tragedy thrust upon us that was Nina's doing betrays any and all trust you had in the writers bringing you some feeling of closure. When the credits rolled we looked at each other and were quite simply p***ed off. 6 discs and weeks worth of watching for such a lousy ending--we feel used. Forget it.