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Great show, brings back memories, 5 September 2011

I used to watch Here Come The Brides when I was in JHS and HS. I just saw it again on Antenna TV and had forgotten how good it was. I had a huge crush on Bobby Sherman, although I liked Robert Brown and David Soul too. My friend Candy was so excited that a character had the same name as she did, especially since it was Bridget Hanley, who was absolutely gorgeous.

I hope it keeps being shown on Antenna TV because it is a well written, well acted show, with lots of heart. A few people have said only season one is available. Hopefully, by now, season two is also, because I have to get it. Until then, I will watch it on Antenna TV.

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How not to make a sequel, 28 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was a big fan of American Graffiti, and was eagerly looking forward to the sequel. I know that some sequels are great, and others should never have been made. More American Graffiti is in that category. Since we know what happened to many of the original characters, a good sequel could have been made if done the right way. The points of the Viet Nam war, drag racing, women's lib, the protests against the war and the hippie movement could all have been shown, without the confusion that this movie portrays them. Although I am by no means a writer and have never written a screenplay, after seeing this horrible sequel, I came up with one that seemed more plausible because I was utterly disappointed at this one.

Instead of showing 4 different New Year's Eves, why not have it done as a flashback. Steve & Laurie could be reminiscing at a New Year's Eve Party in the 80's with her brother. They could talk about 1968, and show the riots and how they have worked through their marital problems. Then Debbie and Carol(Rainbow)could stop by and reminisce about their hippie years and what they are doing then. Steve can go out for more beer and run into Terry, who is back in CA working in a 7-11. He brings him to the party and he tells how he escaped Viet Nam and why everyone thinks he was dead. Then they hear a report on the news about a drag race accident, and they all remember Milner's drag racing and what led up to his horrific crash. It can end with them toasting to Milner's memory and the hope that they can survive in the 80's and beyond.

After reading other reviews, I understand why from a technological viewpoint the use of the camera shots were innovative for the time. That being said, it does not make up for the mishmash this movie is. Future filmmakers should take heed about how NOT to write a sequel.

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Fun Story about Rock & Roll but is pure fiction, 24 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this in the theaters when it came out, and had high hopes for a factual telling of the story of Alan Freed. Since my husband and I own an oldies record store, we have a good knowledge of the groups and the history. We were sorely disappointed. The problem is that the movie mixed fact and fiction. If it was a generic story about an "Alan Freed-like" disc jockey, and they gave all of the singers and actors phony names, it would have been fine. Unfortunately, by calling the disc jockey Alan Freed, they had an obligation to be somewhat truthful about the events in his life. I realize poetic license is to be expected in most movies about real life figures, but this was so fictional it was embarrassing.

Here are some of the major goofs. Alan Freed never had a secretary or chauffeur like those played by Fran Drescher and Jay Leno. When the young boy was waiting in line, Alan asked him what he was going to do for summer vacation. Later on, he wanted to make a dedication to Buddy Holly on his birthday, but Buddy's birthday was Sept. 7, not in June. All of the groups were fictitious and based on real life groups which was not bad, but having them audition was crazy. The singer who was supposed to represent Lavern Baker would have already been an established singer. Same for the young girls, who represented Patience & Prudence. They were popular in 1956. Which brings me to the date they set the movie in. In 1959 Alan Freed was no longer producing oldies shows. The show that had the riot was in 1956. Teenager Louise was not a real life character, she was based on Carole King. However,Carole King didn't discover the Chesterfields(Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers), and she never wrote Since I Don't Have You. In 1959 Jerry Lee Lewis was blackballed because he married his cousin in 1958. He didn't have his comeback until years later. So he never would have appeared in an oldie show in that year.

I know the producer of the film, and he has been in the music business for years, and still performs.I like him very much. He is a talented and accomplished singer and musician, but he missed the boat on this movie. That is another reason for my disappointment. I expected a lot more from him.

For those who don't know the history of early Rock & Roll and Alan Freed, enjoy the movie. Those who do know the history, prepare to be disappointed.

Good movie but don't know why they changed the ending., 24 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read the book about a week ago and thought it was fabulous, especially the ending. Today I was scrolling through the channels and saw the movie was on so I decided to watch it.

The acting was very good, and if you saw the movie without reading the book you would probably enjoy it, like some of the other reviewers said. I understand that there is always poetic license in movies, some more than others. However, in this case, they should have kept it more true to the book, especially the ending. I understand why they took the side plot of Campbell and Julia out, since that was not crucial to the story. They should have kept the fire scenes and Jesse's juvenile delinquency in, as that had an impact on Anna and the family. Also, they made Anna two years younger than the book. Don't know why they changed the sex of the judge, nor why they changed the Aunt's name to Kelly. What really bothered me was changing the ending. The movie ending was poignant, but if they kept the book's ending, it still would have been poignant and more ironic, the way Jodi Picoult wanted it. Anna dying in a car accident after she won the case, and Kate getting the kidney and going into remission packs more of a punch. Unfortunately, authors usually sign away screenplay approval. I hope if Jodi Picoult is offered any more movie adaptations for her book, she will be involved in the screenplay.

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Inspiring Sports Movie, 12 October 2008

The Express was one of the best sports movies I have seen. It tells the story of Ernie Davis, who was the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy and his relationship with his coach, Ben Schwarzwalder.

It is set in the late 50's where there was still a great deal of prejudice against African Americans, even in the northern states where segregation was not overt. Ernie's optimism and willingness to be the best football player he can be, not just the best African American football player was portrayed perfectly by Rob Brown. He was inspiring and you couldn't help rooting for him to succeed.

Ben was a crusty, set in his ways coach, who couldn't see beyond winning the game. Ernie helped him see that a football team is made up of individuals who have to pull together to achieve their goals. Dennis Quaid is an excellent actor, who can say so much with just a smile or a raised eyebrow. He is so natural, it is as if he isn't acting at all. Dennis & Rob have a very good chemistry, and they made every scene believable.

The Express was similar to the Rookie, another great film that Dennis Quaid starred in. Both films had just the right amount of drama, set off with little bits of comedy to relieve the tension.

At the showing I attended, the audience was very moved by the film because when it was over, there was much applause, something you don't hear much in movies these days.

You don't have to be a football fan to love this movie. I highly recommend it.

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Funny movie, great acting, 24 April 2006

I saw American Dreamz with my husband yesterday and enjoyed it immensely. The acting was inspired, everyone fit their role perfectly. Kudos to the person who cast the roles. It is not so much a satire, but a parody on America's obsession(and even the world's) with reality shows like American Idol. Hugh Grant nailed the obnoxious host perfectly,using the Simon Cowell as a guide, but making the character of Martin Tweed his own. Mandy Moore was perfect as the girl next door turned opportunistic contestant. Dennis Quaid was right on target as the president. Although many people think he was imitating Bush, I didn't find that to be true. He combined elements of Bush, Clinton and Reagan and gave the president his own personality. His character was not a dumb man, but rather a lazy, spoiled president who was used to having everyone cater to him, so he didn't have to do anything. He was manipulated not because he was stupid, but because he wanted to be.Dennis Quaid is such a natural actor, he can make any role he does seem like second nature. Sam Golizari as the reluctant Arab terrorist is hysterical. Marcia Gay Harden, Willem Dafoe and the rest of the cast all meshed to make the movie enjoyable. Chris Klein as Mandy Moore's boyfriend is the seemingly "straight man" but looks can be deceiving. You will find yourself laughing throughout the movie because the situations are so absurd, yet somehow plausible. I definitely recommend this movie, it keeps your attention throughout and there are no dull spots.

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Funny Enjoyable Family Movie, 4 December 2005

Yours, Mine and Ours is a funny enjoyable family movie, that is much better than the critics' reviews. I have found that critics tend to review each movie with a negative mindset, unless it is a blockbuster, or a small artsy movie. Then they lean more to the positive mindset. There tend to be three types of movies that critics mostly always view negatively, and those are slapstick, remakes and sequels. Since Yours, Mine and Ours can be described by two of those definitions, it really hadn't a chance as far as the critics are concerned. However, the movie is not only composed of those elements.

While the movie title makes it seems like a remake of the 1968 Lucille Ball/Henry Fonda movie, technically the only thing similar is the names of the parents. The movie is really about how two large, single parent families, with different parenting styles, try to coexist. Think of Oscar and Felix (of the Odd Couple) if they had 10 and 8 children, respectively.

Rene Russo plays Helen, the earth mother, "Mia Farrow" prototype, with a relaxed parenting style and a cluttered house. Dennis Quaid plays Frank, the Coast Guard Admiral who is a stickler for rules and regulations, but clearly loves his children as much as Helen does.

Frank and Helen were college sweethearts, and reconnect on a reunion cruise, impulsively marrying and shocking their offspring. There is the chaos that comes from the merging of two large families and slapstick is inevitable.

However, to label this movie as a slapstick, Three Stooges , Soupy Sales type movie is all wrong. There are those elements in it, but the love between Frank and Helen, and the love they have for their children is definitely evident. It is not the sappy, saccharine love that was evident in 60's television shows like Family Affair, but more like Leave It To Beaver, or even 80's shows like the Wonder Years. I have had friends with big and blended families, and the portrayals in this movie are on the mark.

Dennis Quaid is fabulous as Frank. He can be silly in the slapstick scenes, but tender in the love scenes, and can switch back and forth with ease. He is a natural. He and Rene Russo have great chemistry, and Rene also did the slapstick parts without missing a beat. The actors who played the children were natural without being obnoxious. Linda Hunt was marvelous as the housekeeper. Think Alice on the Brady Bunch if she was allowed to be uninhibited.

Much comments have been made about Fiona the pig, but I thought it was inspired to include a pet like that in the movie. It fit in perfectly with Helen's free spirited brood.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys comedy, romance, and family films. The audience I saw the movie with was a mix of children and adults, all of whom laughed appropriately and clapped at the end. If this is your type of movie, don't allow the critics to sway you. See it for yourself, I think you will enjoy it.

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Fabulous Movie, Excellent performances, 16 January 2005

I saw In Good Company today,and I have to say it was fabulous. It is that rare movie that combines comedy and drama in such a way that it is totally realistic. I personally have great disdain for corporation takeovers, so I had no problem sympathizing with Dan. But Carter was not as confident as he seemed, and you could see he had a job to do, but was not ruthlessly ambitious. This made you feel some sympathy for him as well. Of course, this would not have been so easy if there were a different set of actors. Topher Grace (Carter) is fantastic. He has a naturalness to his acting, making Carter someone you would love to have as a son or son in law. Scarlett Johansson was perfect as Alex. She had just the right amount of vulnerability and spirit, as a young college student trying to assert her independence. Dennis Quaid,however, was just superb as Dan. He always tried to do the right thing, whether helping his children, his fellow employees or Carter, without being preachy. He was not afraid to show his emotions, and admit when he made a mistake. Dennis is so natural as an actor, you forget he is acting. I am a big fan of Dennis, and have seen him play every role imaginable,from villain, to hero, to comic relief and he excels at every one. However, he shines in roles that portray "ordinary men", like Dan, Jim Morris in the Rookie, Frank Whittaker in Far From Heaven,and Frank Sullivan in Frequency. This movie is a must see if you are a fan of Topher,Scarlett and Dennis. They really gave it their all. This is one movie you can see again and again. 5 out of 5.

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Good adventure survival film, 20 December 2004

I saw Flight of the Phoenix Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The special effects were wonderful and the acting was great. I am a big fan of Dennis Quaid, and he did a great job in the role of Frank Townes. Taking a role that the icon Jimmy Stewart had is not easy but Dennis did it admirably, and Stewart would have been proud the way it turned out. Giovanni Ribisi was in top form as Elliot, and the rest of the cast played their roles well. A lot of people have compared it to the original, but it is really unfair to do so. The original came out in 1965 when we were still in the Cold War, and WWII was a recent memory. There were also more character actors, and there was the German in Ribisi's role. This cast is multi ethnic and there is a woman, reflecting the advances made in society since then. It certainly doesn't detract from the movie and you don't think about it while watching. There is more action in this version, but that is not a bad thing. The desert scenes were fantastic. I actually came out of the movie thirsty! LOL! I just wish they had left the movie in October, as there are so many films out now, it will get lost in the shuffle. If you are a fan of survivor movies, go see it.

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Awesome, Spectacular, Must See Movie, 30 May 2004

The Day After Tomorrow was one of the best "disaster" movies I have seen. The special effects were so realistic, you really felt you were there. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat. What you see in the promos is only the tip of the iceberg, no pun intended. Dennis Quaid was just perfect as Jack Hall. You could really believe he was a paleoclimatologist, as well as a devoted father. Dennis' acting is so natural, he makes it look easy. Jake Gyllenhaal was perfect as his son, showing the typical emotions of a teenager, unsure of himself at first and then starting to take control of the situation, proving to be as capable as his father. Emmy Rossum was very credible as Jake's girlfriend and Sela Ward was just right as Jake's mom. Ian Holm was the elderly Scottish scientist, keeping a stiff upper lip while the weather was going haywire. This is a must see movie if you are a fan of "disaster" movies like Twister and Earthquake. I will probably see this movie again in the theaters because it was so enjoyable. It is a great way to spend 2 + hours.

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