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Steve attempts acceptance through a test of skill with the help of a Native American girl., 7 May 2006

As a fan of Lee Majors and the show, I would have to rank this particular episode in at least the top 10. Why? First off like many of the Six Million Dollar Man episodes, it's central theme is one of might versus the less fortunate. In this case, the United States versus the Native American Indians in a power struggle for land acquisition. In other words, the Native Americans are brought to the forefront and centralized in the movie's overall theme. The movie is filmed on what appears to be an Indian Reservation, so we see all kinds of environment and scenery making this episode exciting from the get go. But to make a long commentary short, in 1977, the bionic visual effects and just as important the bionic sounds and backing music are better than ever! - making this a truly memorable episode. Lee Majors is a little heavier, compared to past episodes (to be naturally expected in '77), but his running and especially his jumping scenes are quite good. Even a scene towards the end of the episode, where he makes a giant leap straight up in the air, to capture an eagle and in effect (win over the Indians), is convincing, and could have been terrible (applaud, applaud!!!) Overall, I enjoyed this episode and recommend it to fans! Nickey

"CHiPs" (1977)
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No, it was good!, 29 August 2004

CHiPs was magical ... CHiPs was everything a young child wanted to see and much more ... it had great looking people, it had cop uniforms and cop cars, it had fast cars (hotrods), and yes it had Disco! What more could you want? Not to mention, you had Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada (who had become a 70's sex symbol). You just can't say anything bad about this show, because it was meant to entertain! Thats right ... it wasn't supposed to be a "stupid" reality show, like all we see today, it was meant to entertain and it did just that! I praise the producers for what they did with this ... because they made it huge and I still enjoy watching it today! There were many fine looking actresses then too and to quote a Hollywood exec. who once made the remark about Rock Hudson -- "They sure don't make them like that anymore"!