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Classic Canadian Entertainment, 21 November 2005

The Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special is a prequel to the hit TV series, but was filmed in 2004 after season 4. Sunnyvale trailer park is getting ready for the holiday season and Julian's got a great idea to make money this Christmas, but Lahey is there as usual to spoil his fun. The special takes place before Jamie was J-roc, before Randy and Lahey were a couple, and before the shitmobile was missing a door. You haven't seen a male prostitute until you've seen Randy in his elf outfit. This show isn't for everyone but if you love to get drunk and laugh your arse off at a bunch of stoner Canadian's you will love this. It's perfect for entertaining friends at holiday.

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Extremely funny trailer trash film, 24 January 2004

This is an early film "Pilot" for the hit Canadian tv show Trailer Park Boys. It was played to executives at a few networks before Showcase decided to sign them up for a tv series. Great acting and a very funny cast make this one of the best cult comedy films. The movie plot is that these two small time criminals go around "exterminating" peoples pets for money. If you have a dog next door whos barking all night these are the guys you go to! But they get into trouble when they come across a job too big for them to deal with and end up in a shootout. Watch this movie if you want to understand the beginning of the tv series. I highly recommend it!

Rated R for swearing, violence, and drug use.

Its not too offensive either (they dont actually show killing animals)