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An assorted list of amazing films that make me laugh, sweat, smile, think about life or: All four.
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These directors have made films that consistently show they have a deep understanding of the function of cinema as an art. Their work always shows an understanding of cinema's role in our culture as the great teacher, the common artistic web or dialog.
Their films deal with things such as empathy, society, alienation, love, memories, suffering, aspirations, ethics, art and other fundamental aspects of the human experience with tact, technique, rigor, style and soul.
They tell their stories concisely, economically and with purpose. Their films are sincere and honest in that they never betray their original thematic modus operandi.
These are the things that make my favorite filmakers my filmakers.
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I liked a lot of cartoons when I was little, a LOT of them were *beep* these were the ones I re-watch and still thoroughly enjoy.
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