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Boss (2011–2012)
Kelsey in his prime
28 October 2011
If you haven't read the book "Boss" by Mike Royko and you haven't already fallen in love with the new Starz series Boss, then you should do both.. NOW. I know it has only the first episode of the first season but its not a pilot, the entire first episode was directed by Gus Van Sant in Chicago and almost like one of the best 50 min. movies you ever saw. It is starZ answer to the great cable TV shows i.e. Dexter, OZ, The Sopranos, True Blood, The Shield etc.

The new series Boss is not based on Royko's book but almost the history of Chicago's gritty politics and policies. It encapsulates the anti- heroic and heroic decisions of our beloved mayor and Boss. Kelsey Grammar is Spectacular. His presence is so palpable it seems the entire cast, who are fantastic, have him on their mind when acting. Kelsey Grammar is the Bulldog mayor, he is the King of the City, he is the Boss.
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