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These are some of my favourite scenes from action or adventure films which I could watch over and over.
Aplogies for the hundreds of ommissions.
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These are the very best composers who have all produced a substabtial body of work of the highest quality.
Of course the list could be expanded to include notable ommissions like Miklos Rozca, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Howard Shore and James Horner.
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These are films that I feel were robbed of an Oscar for Best Picture.
It is not complete as it only goes back to 1980.
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The criteria for this list is mainly how much I enjoyed or experienced the movie, i.e. how much I connected with it. The films featured in this list are nearly all highly crafted, rely heavily on a great script and cast and are complete in delivering the directors vision to the screen.
And all are vastly entertaining, have aged well and can bear repeated viewings.
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These are soundtracks that I really enjoy listening to, which also really give each movie some emotional heft. There are some classic scores that are not included in this list because, although they serve the movie and may be technically brilliant they are not much fun to listen to outside of the movie.