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fantastic, 19 November 2011

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i saw the movie on digital versatile disk and was completely blown away.this movie is really spectacular.Robert pattinson and Christoph waltz were great.both really looked like rivals there.august(Christoph's character) is dangerous and a little creepy in the movie though it just adds to the never know what he will do in his next step.his acting is very good as always.Reese Witherspoon as Marlena has done some great stunts but she is a miscast.someone else would have been much better.though her acting has no holes.Robert pattinson as Jacob is really convincing and you will feel his emotions just from his eyes.Story looked very realistic,less depressing than book.i highly recommend this movie to all drama lovers.Book lovers will not be disappointed.

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all that i can say...., 13 November 2011

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first of all this movie is simply for fans of the saga.others will find hard time seeing it and understanding how that vampire created that demon,you guys now all scenes from the book so here they are: wedding scene is beautifully shot,i must say Kristen looked gorgeous.Robert made a very good groom.what i hated the dance between Jacob and was not emotional because any guy will feel for Edward. imprinting didn't looked too gross as i expected it to be but hated that part in the book so sorry i was totally creepy for me.But they tried to not make it as stupid as it is in books.other scenes are good,sometimes they make you laugh,sometimes you think what the heck i am watching.its a mixed feeling movie.Bill condor did an amazing job in the birthing scene.that scene was really cool.Robert stole the show in that scene with Kristen,they both acted so well. now comes to acting part: Kristen Stewart is her usual winning self except wedding and birthing scene.she did a fine job in those scenes,other than that she failed to give any emotions. Robert pattinson,well he is a nice actor but his character has not really much to do in these movies.he portrayed his emotions well but his character looks cut down in front of Bella and Jacob. Taylor lautner,he is your usual Jacob you saw in previous twilight,although his shirtless scenes are less which might offend his fans.average job by him. conclusion: if you are a twilight fan,you are gonna like this movie still if not love. if you are not a twilight fan,you are still gonna enjoy it but scratch your heads as well.