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Actually Pretty Funny, 27 April 2004

I thought Gayniggers from Outer Space was quite amusing. Yes, the jokes are somewhat immature, but we all need some of that in our lives from time to time. For those of you with an open mind that don't want to think that much, and are adult enough and lacking the pretentiousness to actually admit you like a movie like this, it really is a lot of fun packed into 25 minutes.

Also, for those who accuse the movie of both homophobia and racism, I would like to point out that 3 of the stars, including Coco P. Dalbert are gay. And of course, everybody is black. Like I said before, if you can be open-minded, this movie is quite enjoyable.

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Quite possible the funniest short they did., 30 November 2003

Disorder in the Court is truly one of the funniest shorts The Three Stooges ever made. The timing and delivery of the jokes was pure perfection for Larry, Moe and Curly. Some of the "special effects" were pure hilarity, such as the scene where Larry flings the bow from his violin, removing the stenographer's toupee.

This short is truly a testament to brilliance of their slapstick. Almost 70 years later, and The Stooges are still being televised and sold on video and DVD.

For anybody that wants to familarize themselves with the Stooges, or for any fan that wants 20 minutes of unstoppable laughter, Disorder in the Court is perfect.