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So much better than I expected!, 19 September 2012

It's pretty amazing and SO not what I was expecting from the write-up. For the first couple of episodes, I was like..."Ummm," and not sure I could get into it. But the lead character, Emma, reminded me so much of a younger Candice Bergen that I had to stick with it. She's compelling. I'm glad I did now. I'm up to episode 15 (via Netflix) in the 1st season (2011) and am really happy to know it's been renewed; season 2 episodes begin airing Sept. 30th and I'll be DVR'ing them.

The gist is that Fairy Tale World is under a curse by a mad queen--the same bitch who tried to kill Snow White. Anyway, she found a way to curse all of those who lived in fairy tales and they're now living in modern times, with no memory of their own world. They cannot leave their town without something bad happening to them. The Queen Bitch is aware of what's going on as she's the one who placed the curse. She's totally hateful and I love to hate her.

Each episode after the first few covers a storyline relating to one of the fairy tale characters... I've seen Jiminy Cricket, Belle, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumplestilskin (best character ever) and more. The stories told are based on the original characters but each has a much darker tone than the stories we're used to--very cool and addicting. I can't wait to see who's featured in the next episode.

Emma, the woman who comes to the town of Storybrook as the "savior" of the town is very human and a bit damaged from her past. It's her young son (whom she gave up for adoption 10 years ago) that leads her to Storybrook. He believes she's the only one who save the residents of the town from the curse.

The pretext may sound a bit lame but the acting is pretty good (for ABC standards) and it's compelling to see these stories told in a completely different light. The themes are definitely adult-oriented and this is no show for kids. You gotta check it out--you won't regret it. It's creative fantasy and imagination at it's best. It makes me want to write my own fairy tale. IMDb users give it a helluva rating which is the sole reason I decided to watch it in the first place. Their ratings are usually pretty spot-on.