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Shameless writers, 16 March 2012

Dear Shameless makers, I love your TV show! I don't follow many TV programs but I don't miss one episode of Shameless. I would like to however make a comment about the end of episode 3 where you have a brief scene of Steve in Brazil. I am a Brazilian woman and I am very proud of my beautiful country and it's beautiful and warm Brazilian people. I very much resent the fact that you showed Steve getting a blow-job by a Brazilian woman with Rio's backdrop. That is a stupid and demeaning way of depicting a country and it's values. It's very disappointing that your writers would chose to stereotype my country in such poor way. Brazil, the land of easy and slutty women. Really guys? On that note, your back drop could not look more fake. That whole scene is just a disaster. Remember, you live in a GLOBAL community now. You should be more careful on how you portrait people's cultures and countries. They could be watching you!

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Jesus WAS A COMMIE - interesting not only in content, but also in it's unique format, 23 October 2011

Jesus WAS A COMMIE – a movie by Matthew Modine, was particularly interesting to me due to the fact that I was raised by a half catholic half Buddhist mom. In my view, Matthew's argument is that Jesus was a communist because of the way that he spread the idea that all people are the same and deserve equal rights and opportunities. Matthew talks about how Jesus revolution completely changed the way people thought and how it opened up theirs hearts to love and forgiveness. He talks about the fact that Jesus was able to change people without the use of force or any kind of violence.The movie does not talk about the politics of religion but rather seems to focus on Jesus and other spiritual leaders and how their teachings are similar to the communist philosophy. I was brought up going to church and learning about Jesus teachings, but mom had a way of making it all make sense to my brother's and I by giving the catholic ideology a little Buddhist spin. I like how Matthew's movie gives a solid meaning to its concept and it does it in an engaging and innovative way.

I thought Jesus WAS A COMMIE was very interesting not only in content, but also in it's unique format. A great narrative over beautiful layers of footage and graphics.