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The film's set is in a mental institution and a group of men trying to overcome some past issues., 23 October 2011

The film's set is in a mental institution and a group of men trying to overcome some past issues. A new admission, Randale McMurphy (Nickleson) is transferred from prison to be evaluated as a mental case for trying to get out of work. McMurphy became part of the group as the rebel. He stirs up the men to gamble, drink, and speak their mind. Nurse Ratched (Fletcher) opposes the behavior due to the fact the men have routines to follow and wants to play "mother" and wants to remind them how would other people think.

The theme of the film is based on the principle of a leader will always have an impact on a group. The power to have control over others should not be taken lightly as it could hurt or help them. As McMurphy (Nickleson) becomes part of the "nut" group, he has full power to direct the other men. However, some of the actions hurt them mentally due to their former routine. Nurse Ratched (Fletcher) also plays the role of a leader as she helps the men in their daily meetings. She tries to control their thinking in a way that they will never be able to leave the institution.

The film's point of view is from the character, Chief. He is an observer that is able to view how everyone is dealing with their issues. He shows that being an outsider within the group is a greater way to see how things can be. The lighting of the movie is gloomy as the hospital isn't very bright. The director did not focus on any one object as McMurphy surrounded himself around the entire group.

A film I believe that could relate to the theme of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is The Longest Yard. Both movies relate to one or two individuals controlling a group whether it is to keep them in a routine or rebel against the normal activity. Both movies want the group to become better and have the ability to take on society with a variety of views.

The overall movie is heartfelt and motivating. The film is able to show how people will follow one another even if they don't believe it will help them. However, the view point of Chief is positive because it helps him overcome the need of a leader. He is able to rely on his own choices to do the right thing. It is important to know that the decisions you make will impact you forever.