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these are some of the foreign movies that i watched and loved (no particular order and probably lot of asian and french cinema plus i'll be updating as i watch more foreign movies) some might be just a pass time but most i feel should be on the watchlist of everybody
+ little comments on every movie
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as the title say these are series that are enjoyable the second time viewing
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these are some of the best crime comedies i've seen and i hope u like them
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as the titles indicate these are shows that i could possibly finish in a flash without looking into time nor number of episodes (no order)
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i know its said a lot but u can either love him or hate him but u can't ignore him.he's one of those actors that can instantly have an impact on u .for me i consider him the greatest bollywood actor alive and that includes aamir (i know ill get dissed for this but the dude is great with choosing scripts but is nowhere near sharukh in acting:it's the screenplay of his movies that shoulders them not his performance ; he's a decent actor but given any film of srk he wouldnt be so great in the eyes of movie gowers it's powerful performance that made srk what he is now but critical acclaim is what made aamir and u cant really attribute critical acclaim to an actor but to the story and screenplay ;)more to the point it's hard to rank srk movies but i tried my best :