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New way of storytelling., 14 February 2012

I gave "Confession" 7 points, 2 points for the story and 5 points for the way of telling the story. The story starts with a teacher addressing her aggressive students, couple of them were killed her child. And the teacher takes the revenge on them.... Very very very cleverly, she hits them on their week points. I loved the movie a lot, worth watching. Nice performance, story, screenplay and background. The pain visualized by the killer at the climax is awesome. The killers in this movie are students(kids) and the revenge taken by a teacher, but we never feel bad about that because the kids killed a cute infant brutally. Don't miss it for who loves mystery and revenge movies. Thank you, VijayGolagani.

49 Days (2006)
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49 Days made me scream silently!, 5 February 2012

YES! "49 Days" made me scream silently!

Many years back one of my friend gave me "49 Days" DVD knowing that i am a horror movie buff. But i neglected this, watching Hollywood movies. And my friend keep on bugging me for the review of the movie (we use to discuss about movies), so one night i started watching single in my room with headphones ON. Movie was boring because of poor quality and slow taking....some how i managed to watch 20mins and it made me to watch 'The End'. I am a great horror lover, use to watch scary movies (mostly nights) never scared but this movie made me scream silently.

No rotten faces, no violence, no blood but the background music made me stun!!!

Recommended to watch and enjoy!