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One of Rekha's best performance's, 7 January 2004

Rekha truly blew me away with her performance in this film. Personally, I am so used to seeing her in glamour roles that i didn't think i would like this film. I ended up loving it. I think she did a wonderful job and deserved the Filmfare award for best actress back in 1988. Rekha in this film looks, well, ugly. But thats only in the begining of the film. She wears fake teeth, and made to look like she has no makeup on.

I would recommend this film to anyone and all Rekha fans alike. Oh, and she does get glamoured up towards the second half of the film. But you'd have to see it to understand what i mean.

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Rekha's performance alone is worth watching., 23 December 2003

This is Rekha's first movie in which she plays a negative role. She looks beautiful as always and her performance as a crime lord is very convincing.

The movie had too many fight sequences. All the songs were bad except for one. The one that Rekha and Akshay Kumar dance to. The music video is great too. I can see why censors had a problem with this film.

The story is about Akshay's brother Ajay. He thinks that Rekha has kidnapped him and to get to him, he tries romancing Rekha. Raveena Tandon is Rekha's younger sister, whom Akshay is really in love with, but he pretends like he doesn't like her so that he can get to Rekha. Akshay and Rekha had great chemistry and look great together.

Also, the wrestler known as The Undertaker is in this movie. He plays a wrestler hired by Rekha to fight in a wrestling match she bets on.

Personally, the best think about this movie is Rekha. She changes through many costumes and wigs of different colors, but always looks classy and beautiful. Though the begining is slow, the story picks up. As said before, there are too many action sequences. but you can fast forward that. I would recommend that anyone rent it specifically for Rekha's performance.

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Good effort, but failed attempt at a good story., 18 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I recently saw this movie and thought it would be good because its in English. The only thing good about this movie were the costumes and the sets. This movie had really bad acting and a bad cast.

Spoilers below: Basicly, the movie is about an American journalist who goes to India to write a paper or something. Then she starts reading a book on the Taj Mahal. Thats when the movie starts with flashbacks to the story of the Taj Mahal.

I definetly think its worth renting, but i wouldn't add it to my DVD library.