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a list of 50 titles
My fav horror films.Updated January 2015.
Sequels not listed separately,listed under main entry.
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This is a list of my favourite films.
I've excluding horror films from the list (my favourite genre)
Now listed horror in separate list.
Sequels that would have been in the 100 I've listed with the main entry.
Updated January 2015
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Here is my Top 10 horror films pre 2000's. I've added my review for each entry. Classic horror like Halloween and Friday the 13th fall just outside my Top 10.
Updated January 2015.
a list of 20 titles
This is my list of favourite horror films of the 2000's.
Updated January 2015.
I've also included mini reviews. Sequels not listed separately.
Just under main entry
a list of 230 titles
UPDATED 2nd january 2015.
A list of horror films I've seen from 2000 to the present with a mini review.
Not in any particular order. Films added as viewed.
a list of 100 titles
My All Time top 100 films with my mini reviews. UPDATED MAY 15TH 2014.
I've listed sequels that would be in the top 100 in with the main entry.
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My fav ever TV series. (not including comedy/sitcoms)
I've a separate list for these.
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It's interesting to look at your own ratings against imdb rating. Here are the films that I thought were poor,only giving them a rating of 3.however, imdb is 7.5 or above.
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I've looked at the many horror genres out there. And picked by favourite film from each.
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There have been over 100 films featuring Tarzan. Here are the 10 best, all with the great Johnny Weissmuller.
a list of 14 titles
There have been a number of really good French Horror Films during the 2000's.
The top four on this list are great genre films.
Here's my list of French extreme with mini reviews.
a list of 20 titles
Here is my list of favourite films of the 2000's so far. Have not included horror films in the list.
a list of 10 titles
We all make a list of favourite films.
This is my list of The Worst Horror Films of the 2000's.
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Over the last 10 years or so there have been a number of great new foreign films. Here is my top 9. Plus a 10th I've included not because it's particularly good but because it's so over rated and in many lists of fav horrors of recent years,not sure why.
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There have been a lot of good films made for television. Often based on true stories, this is my Top 10.
a list of 10 titles
A look back at my favourite game shows
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The ridiculous UK video nasties ban of the 80's.The majority of the original 39 so called 'nasties' would have sunk without trace were it not for this publicity.Many were old,foreign films of the 60's and 70's.And many were just not very good.It says it all when most of these films you can now buy,even from HMV,mostly completely uncut. But here is my pick of these 39 films. The 5 best and 5 worst.
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Many a time you're watching a film and just go 'ughhhh' and want to look away.Here are My Top 10 of those moments from horror films of the last 10 years.Listed in order of release. Surprised in many cases the filmmakers escaped the censor.Be interested if other readers would agree with some of these scenes.
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so many sequels just seem to be 'sequels' just for the sake of it,normally just to cash in on the original. But he's my list of ones to watch,in some cases better then the original. listed in order of release.
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My fav sitcoms, from BBc and ITV.