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This TV season was kinda bad. Once again best shows are on premium channels (Veep, Girls, Newsroom, House of lies, The Affair...) and Netflix (House of Cards, Grace and Frankie...). Some nice shows have became very boring (Revenge, Chicago Fire, Hart of Dixie, The Mindy Project, Grey's Anatomy). New Comedies have been very lame. Happy to see Bravo doing something else than Real Housewives of *beep* I do not care where (sorry E! but The Royals are bads) and seeing back great creators like Darren Star and Martha Kauffman.
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Great comedians with amazing face !!!

I feel sorry for those people who do not know that Funny face is a movie and so do not understand the reference. I feel sorry also for people who do not know the goal of comedians is to make us smile. I feel even more sorry for the others who think it's a mockery of those comedians or that I have listed "ugly" people. For comedians it's a GOOD thing to have a different face, and a great face is part of a talent. Sorry but seing Kristen Schaal make me smile more than seing Mery Streep! But it's sure it is more interesting to do another list of the more attractive actresses it has more sense of course !?
Shame on those that reduice Atticus to his desease.
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matthew goode
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My fav in my collection
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If it's a Sofia Coppola, a Danny Boyle, a Cameron Crow or Quentin Tarantino's movie You can buy the original soundtrack without any doubt !
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