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In my opinion.
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Actors and actresses who look younger than their actual age.
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Feature films that should be on The Criterion Collection (DVD/Blu-ray edition).
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Some of the actors who seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.
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Splendid, breathtaking, dazzling, spectacular, stunning, ...

Movies that are nice to look at, mainly because of their cinematography, set design, or costumes.
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Feature films that have an impressive and (usually) unforgettable title sequence.

The films after Charade are in alphabetical order.
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Some of the best lesbian-themed movies and TV shows. Please also check out the "visual version" of this list. Thanks!

The different shades of love...
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Some of the memorable child actors and actresses.
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Decent films about children who don't have it easy.
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Some of the interesting film directors whose works I find interesting. Keyword: interesting.
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Filmmakers who went from creating high art to making not-so-high art.*

*Not-so-high art - (n.) my euphemism for "crappy movies."
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Some of the actors and actresses who died before or at the age of 40.
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Watching films is like a religion for me. And cinema is a part of my life.

As much as possible, I make it a point to watch different kinds of films from different countries. I don't have a favorite genre, because having one can limit an audience's power to explore cinema's different aspects.

I've already seen quite a lot of films, but only few captivated me. Here are some of them.

(Some of these films may not be the "greatest," but they definitely made a solid impact on me.)
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God-awful actors. Awesome career. 'Nuff said.
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In my opinion, these actors possess a naturally sexy visage. They don't need to rely on fake pout or cosmetic surgeries to have a sexy face because they already have it; they were born with a sexy face.

(I usually find well-defined cheekbones, full lips and bedroom eyes seductive; so most people on this list have one or all of those qualities.)

Here are the sexiest faces I've seen on screen, faces that effortlessly exude sensuality:
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Beyond forty-something (and fifty-something and higher) actresses who didn't go under the knife. No fake nose, no fake lips, no fake cheeks, no fake chin, no skin bleaching, no Botox. And yes, fake boobs aren't allowed either.

All of these women took the natural road to aging.
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A big round of applause for these women who raised their kid/s mostly on their own.
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Also known as "The Most Beautiful Actresses of All Time."

Divine, elegant, ethereal, gorgeous, pretty, ravishing, sexy, stunning... words are not enough.

In alphabetical (first name) order.
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Some of the sexiest female voices I've ever heard.
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Some of the quality actors who don't get the recognition they deserve.
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In my opinion.

And yes, there's no Angelina Jolie. (For some reason, I find her lips scary.)
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In alphabetical order.
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Some of the outstanding talents few audiences appreciate.

(Also known as Underwatched Actresses.)
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My favorite Wong Kar-wai films, in order.
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Cute actresses whose cheeks I want to pinch. (That's if they'll allow me to.)
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In alphabetical order.
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The sexiest, raunchiest, naughtiest, most erotic films I've seen.

(In chronological order.)
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Color may have seeped into noir’s rich gray palette over the years, but some things never change: anxiety, disillusionment, panic.
- The Criterion Collection

Here are some of the best neo-noir films I've seen.
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Some of my favorite behind the scenes photos.
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20 of the best singers I've ever heard. (Not ranked.)

Most of them are Soul singers, because that's my favorite music genre.

1-10 Female
11-20 Male
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Love, illustrated. Some of the best moments in lesbian cinema.
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In my humble opinion, of course.
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Some of my favorite films featuring not-so-happy, (relatively) big families.

Not necessarily dysfunctional and ultra sad, just not that "Brady Bunch-ish."
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My favorite films about compassion and kindness.

Yes, humanity is not so evil after all; genuinely good people still exist.
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Non-traditional film adaptations of William Shakespeare's works.
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Romance, romance, romance. In alphabetical order.
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Some of the famous mother-daughter actresses.
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My favorite movies with female names as the title.
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Remarkable films about nuns.
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Winners of Cannes Film Festival's Best Actress Award.

(In reverse chronological order.)
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Female celebrities who make me laugh.
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Some of the films featuring women in stereotypically masculine roles.

Sang to tune of She's the One by Robbie Williams:
And if she's somebody kicking my ass, she's the man...
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Some of the films featuring a tough but wonderful journey called single motherhood.

Also known as my tribute to all mothers, single or not.
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A list of people, primarily known as actors, who have written fiction book/s.